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today I’ve got some more freebies for you, but first a quick reminder of the awesome find I made yesterday, just in case you have’t grabbed your copy yet: –

Over 4 hours of audio to listen to covering all the important aspects of getting traffic to your sites for just $4…

that’s my definitaion of a “no-brainer”!

check it out here:

Traffic Audios


Next up we have an easy freebie from an irritating Irishman!

Why’s he irritating?

Simple, he makes it look easy to earn a fortune on the net, the good news is he’s sharing some VERY COOL tactics and tricks that he uses to regularly have 6 figure pay outs from other peoples products..

Foxy’s his name, and affiliate marketing is HIS game, he’s one of the top affiliates in the world.

You’ll see what I mean by irritating though when you read the report, the first couple of pages he reminds us lesser mortals just how good he is with a few photos of his house, luxory yaght and collection of super cars, he has 2 ferarris and a porsche (a good one).

I’ll forgive him though, as his report does actually give some darned useful tips to help us lesser mortals become more like him, or at least out bank accounts..

Oh, and pay attention to how Foxy writes the report, it’s VERY well done, notice for instance the several occurences of (I will explain soon) to keep you reading..

You can not only learn from what he writes in the report, but from studying how he writes and structures it.

and pay attention to the emails on page 9+ as well..

his style is totally different to mine, and it works VERY WELL!

oh, and another quikc point, notice the domain he used in the emails, that’s a pretty powerful trick, I’ve used it myself A LOT, as it’s not only good in emails, it’s also excellent for article marketing, but that’s a different topic that I’ll cover another day.

just go grab your free copy now and you’ll see what I mean..

X Factor Affiliate

p.s. don’t jump straight to the step by step plan on page 16, it’s worth reading the rest first!


$2,995 MyViralSpiral List Building Tool for Free from Tim Brocklehurst

This isn’t an affiliate link, it’s a special page that Tim’s put up where he will be giving away just 29 copies of his awesome viral list builder (worth almost $3k!) tomorrow, but only to the first 29 people to register after 12am..

why is Tim doing this?

Leap Year madness I guess, I wouldn’t ask why, I’d just make sure you’re one of the first 29…
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