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You probably know by now that I’m a bit of a fan of Alvin Phang’s Atomic Blogging, he’s actually

someone who I chat with regularly (via IM) to share and compare ideas about blogging, so I know how well he knows his stuff.

Today he’s finally released the new version of Atomic Blogging and I’m not going to waste your time telling you all about it here, I’m simply going to suggest you go take a look for yourself..

go on..


just go already!!!

oh, the link, sorry, here it is: –

atomic blogging

and if you need anymore convincing just check out who has given him testimonials..

the list not includes some of the world’s top super bloggers, like Yaro Stark, John Chow and Andy

Beard, but also one of the worlds few top super affiliates, Ewen Chia..

atomic blogging

he’s also included a few simple little pictures of stuff like his traffic stats, showing how his

blog went from 1,742 unique visitors in Jan 2007 to 49,291 in May 2007!!!

Now that’s server crushing traffic!

Discover how Alvin does it here:

atomic blogging

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