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I guess I’ve just not spent enough time out in the sun this year, probably because there hasn’t been a lot so far, so I managed to burn myself on the first day camping with my kids and parents, much to the amusement of my kids who spent the next few days having fun at my expense while I hid under a beach towel…


The good news on getting home was that our water is back on, but we’re not allowed to drink it, use it for food preparation or even clean our teeth with it, even if it’s boiled, because of the threat of it being contaminated with e.coli and other nasty bugs!

Being a bit of a sun burnt plonker, I thought I’d have a bite to eat before catching up on my post, which included the notice warning us not to drink the water…

You can imagine my reaction when I did read the warning, having just polished off a nice meat pie covered in gravy made with the tap water!

so I’ve spent the last day or so waiting to see if I come down with some kind of stomach bug, but it looks like I may have got lucky and escaped.

I suspect my instant “home remedy” of drinking rather a lot of vodka and coke to kill off all the bugs in my system may have been responsible, although I’m not convinced the resulting hangover was actually worth it…

anyway, enough about my “commedy of errors” lifestyle, on to the point of todays email…

Summary: Ready Made Videos for Branding & Promoting


A couple of weeks ago I wrote to you about Michael Nicholas’ Affiliate Video Brander, which enables you to brand other peoples videos to promote affiliate programs.

N.B. you can still grab the $20 discount that I managed to wangle out of Michael here: –

Anyway, the possible downside to this tool is finding both enough good quality videos to use and getting affiliate programs for them, which I guess is why Dr Mike Woo Ming has just launched “Affiliate Sales Videos”…

You get 10 new professionally produced videos ready with affiliate programs or CPA offers ready to promote…

Problem Solved!

oh, and the bonus he’s offering also rocks, it’s membership to a site that’s been closed to new members for the last 9 months.

check it out here: –

Note – you don’t need to have Affiliate Video Brander in order to use Affiliate Sales Videos, although they can be used together if you do." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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