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Affiliate Rockstars…  Real or just more “IM” Hype..?

I was originally looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this, as I know Eric delivers real value, based on what he’s done in the past, but then I discovered the DayJobKiller and Affiliate Project X Team were also involved, and we all know they are the masters of the “Hyped” up promo launch…

I also personally found it difficult to make much profit with the DJK tactics without spending a LOT of time, see my IMTesting blog posts on the subject:

DayJobKiller Tested

So I started reading the “ARS” report with a heavy dose of scepticism…

I must admit the early stuff seemed pretty standard, but basically useful, affiliate marketing advice, like make sure you have a backend to hike up your profits (which was also covered recently by Jason James’s UMS), and make sure you use a squeeze page to grab emails once you’ve tested a market/keyword for profitability with direct linking.

The diagram on page 13 should give you a very clear of why you should be doing this at the very least, if not starting to develop your own products to follow the same process to its logical, and far MORE PROFITABLE CONCLUSION…

New PPC Tips

Then there’s some ppc advice in the following pages that was totally NEW TO ME, including a couple of new twists on page 33, 34, 35, 36 & 37 (one simple change to increase your conversion rate by 200%!!!), as well as the very useful quality score info on page 38, but still nothing earth shattering…

The fr.e.e Web 2 tactics from page 40+ is something that you should already be doing, although the cloaking tip on page 46 could get you in trouble, imho, as there’s recently been a clamp down on this.

But the REAL VALUE comes when you hit page 54 (and on to page 65)!

They Beat My Scepticism!

Pay very close attention to what Eric covers here, I’ve only seen it once before, in a high price AdWords PPC ebook released earlier this year, and it’s DYNAMITE FOR PPC campaigns, whether for affiliate programs or for your own products.

What is it?

PPC For $0.01 Per Click!?!

Yup, you read that right, this SECRET TACTIC will allow you to get PPC traffic at ROCK BOTTOM COSTS, and that’s without hurting your CTR…

And what’s more, I know THIS WORKS as one of my business partners does it on a regular basis.

Now I know they’ll be a few “bonuses” flying around today, but as always I’m not going to offer some irrelevant “bribe”, I’m going to offer you something that is of direct REAL VALUE to this report.

I’m going to be setting up a couple of new campaigns using this ppc tactic myself later this week, and I will VIDEO THE PROCESS FO YOU to lead you through the whole thing step by step and make it as quick and easy as possible to start doing this yourself…

So just use the link below and send me your receipt (mat4) and I’ll send you a copy of the video as soon as it’s completed.

Oh, and the tip on page 68 for “encouraging” visitors to sign up for your newsletter should not be ignored, it works BIG TIME!

Affiliate RockStars

Oh, and one other thing, the preview review version I got does not include everything you will get with the full version, like access to the OTO for the awesome clickbank software that they’re giving limited access to, so I’m heading back to the site now to pick up a full version for myself so I can get a copy of it, wait until you see what it does…


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