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N.B. My special bonus offer is at the bottom of this post, but I’ve also made a post here – Affiliate Payload Bonus Offers – with 3 other bonus offers from other marketers, just in case mine isn’t what you’re looking for…

ok, so the report is finished, but I’ve not finished reading mine, and I’ve been at it a few hours, so even though I’m only up to the media buying section I thought I’d better send you my impression so far…

you probably realise the simple fact that I’m rwading it in detail (and taking lots of notes) instead of just skimming through it is a good sign, right?

absolutely right! 🙂

I also promised I’d give you a list of all the bonus offers I’ve seen for the report from other marketers, which will be at the bottom of this email, but I have to say it’s not anywhere near as many as I expected, probably because people are expecting this report to sell VERY WELL without any kind of bonus being offered on top, and I’d have to agree…

but, while reading the report I came up with a couple of ideas of a bonus that I can offer that is designed to compliment the stuff in the report directly, to help you get up and running with the techniqies covered.

So first up, here’s my summary of the report, or at least what I’ve read so far: –

The main drive of the report is to show you how you can make a LOT of money from what are called “CPA” (cost per action) offers.

These are basically offers from companies where you get paid if you get someone to give them a certain amount of info, often as little as their name, email and zip code, but sometimes more, like their name, address, tel no., date of birth etc.

Now that may at first sound potentially difficult, but it’s really not as the companies behind these offers spend a lot of time and money to make sure the offer pages are designed to convert very well, so all you need to do is find a cost effective way of driving traffic at the offer page.

now I know the first thing that’s going through your mind is probably “oh no, it’s another PPC/pay per click manual”… Nope.

The report does cover how to use adwords and other PPC engines to drive some traffic at your CPA offers, as well as how to do the proper keyword research and find good CPa offers, as well as how to get singed up with the CPA companies, which can be difficult itself.

but this is really just used as a way of testing the cpa offers and keywords to find those that are the most profitable and to start making some profits quickly.

The report then goes on to cover other ways to drive a LOT more traffic that can be far more cost effective (i.e. cheap or even free) to the most profitable CPA offers, allowing you to make hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in a single day!!

I know that sounds like one of those “pie in the sky” claims, but when you read the report you will see it is in fact very real and very “doable”…

Here’s just a few of the higlights I picked out in my own notes: –

# Quantcast is an invaluable (and free) resource once you know how to use it, which the report shows in detail

# Brand Hijack method – this is a very powerful technique to find high converting keywords that other people won’t think of

# Rephrasing method – I’ve been using the resource the report mentions to do this for the last year or so, it works very well.

# Current Event Hijack method – this is another very powerful method that could bring in some serious paydays, current hint: think Olympics…

# Reverse Demographic method – I had to re-read this one, it took me a few moments to get my head around just how powerful this can be. It’s such a simple (once you “get it”) method to find LOTS of cheap, high traffic keywords that will convert very well to use for your CPA offers, I can’t wait to try this one out myself!

# PPV (pay per view), aka CPV (cost per view) – this one is gold dust, look for the “” example and I think you’ll see what I mean, and it can effectively be used for any market or offer…

# combine the PPV method with the Reverse Demographic method and WOW! 🙂

# Video Cash System – this is sooo simple, and free to get started with, what a great way to get your first campigns up and running and making money without having to spend any, always a good way to start!

# the eBay classifieds method – what a fantastic way to test a CPA offer on the cheap! 30 days worth of traffic from one of the world’s most visited sites for under $10, and if it makes a profit, just keep it going…

# The Article Method – another great way to get started without risking much cash, and one that will continue to make money for you over and over again for a LONG time to come…

# The Incentivised Business Domination method (aka Incentivised Referral System) – this was one of those “light bulb goes off above head” moments for me, I suddenly realised that I’ve been on quite a few of these style sites and wondered how they made money, now I know and I want a piece of the action! The best part is I now know how to get one set up and drive traffic to it, so will you once you’ve read the report.

# one quick extra,  the report mentions a site for getting great website templates if you need them, but there’s another free one at OSWD.Org that’s got some great freestuff.

OK, now here’s the bonus details.


My Bonus Offer –

1. Two keyword targeted articles written for you for your first two cpa offers (value $14)

2. 400 keywords researched and analyzed for you, including search volumes, competition (kei) and ppc bid values (value $54).

Note: I’ve owned and run the private membership site for the last 3 years, so I know a thing or two about keyword research. 🙂

3. my personal list of extra places to submit your articles for extra traffic to your CPA offers (value $17)

Total bonus value = $85
which is more than it costs for the report, nuff said! 🙂

here’s my link again: –

Affiliate Payload Report

and just send a copy of your receipt me askmattg “at” or via to claim the bonus, you can tellme the two keywords you want the articles and research done for whenever you’re ready, i.e. once you’ve found a good CPA offer to run with." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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2008-08-19 18:46:37

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Comment by admin
2008-08-19 19:12:23

I thought I’d add a quick question that someone has asked me about Affiliate Payload in my support site, just in case it helps anyone else: –

Hi Matt,
About Affiliate Payload. I have heard you need a high traffic site for CPAs
Also they are very picky about who they choose.
Is this product suitable for newbies.
Been online for a while but spend as much as I have earnt
Just some good advice please.

Here’s my reply: –
Hi Carl,

that’s one of the great things about this report, Alex goes to the trouble of explaining how yo can get accepted by these big network’s I know I’ve had some problems in the past, but I can see it not being a problem anymore with Alex’s tips.

I believe this is actually ideal in many ways for newbies because you don’t need to learn as much as you would for affiliate marketing or “internet marketing” as such.

and you can try it with little to now investment/outgoings to start off with, and then just re-invest once you are making some money.

Hope this helps,
Matt Garrett

2008-08-21 04:40:10

I know its a great program, and there must be a reason why you are offering these bonuses.

Its the talk of the net for the last couple of weeks.

The best of luck


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