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you may have noticed that I don’t often mention adwords or products about adwords, there’s a reason for this…

I do use adwords campigns myself, both for my own products and as an affiliate to promote other people’s products, but most of the guides on how to become an adwords affiliate marketer and make real money using adwords campaigns are long on hype and short on actual real details and simple instructions on how to do it right.

if you get it wrong with adwords it can get expensive real quick!

just over a week ago a friend (who knows I’m not a fan of adwords books) got in touch with me about a new produc that’s coming out. He knows I’m a sceptic, but insisted that I take a look at this one.

I must admit, I put it off for a few days, until he called to see what I thought and I had to admit I’d not read it. He made me print it off while he waited, he knows me well enough to realise I would have just put it off again otherwise.

well, long story short, next time we meet face to face I’m going to have to get the first round of beers to thank him for being a pain naggin me to read it.

This guide will take you from newbie to actually making money the right way with AdWords quick time!

The guys who wrote it actually run you through one of their real live profitable campaigns so you caan see exactly how to do it, not just fake examples and useless instructions (or promises) like most adwords guides.

These guys make it so simple I reckon even my daughter (who’s just 13) could start making money with adwords if I gave her this guide, which I might well do…

I guess it was easier for these guys to “make it real” as one of them (Peng Joon) is now a certified AdWords Pro and has only been doing it for 4 months, so all the stuff he’s learnt, including losing money on adwords when he started, is still fresh and up to date.

they’ve also included a “Five Day Action Plan” to help kickstart you in to taking action and leading you step by step through what you need to do each day to start making money with adwords, and I liked it so much I’ve printed a copy off to use myself on all my new adwords campaigns, and some old ones that I now realise I need to make some changes to.

If you’re in to adwords go check it out now before the “early bird” discount has gone…

If you’re a hardened adwords skeptic, like me, then I reckon this one will change your mind.

Consider me to be your nagging friend making you check it out, I’m glad I had a friend who nagged me until I did…

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