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Want to ollow my “Go To” guy for AdSense Blogging..?

one of the advantages that I have from doing this so long, is that over the years I’ve met some great people, people who I have not only learnt from, but ended up becoming friends with and can call on if I get stuck on something.

today I want to share one of my best “go to” guys (and a great friend) with you.

His name’s Mike Spencer and he’s the guy I go to when I get stuck on anything related with AdSense, SEO, automation and a whole bunch of other stuff.

here’s a pic of Mike and I from when we first met, way back in ’05: –

and here’s where you can join me in following his no “B.S.” tips and tricks: –

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1 Comment

Comment by Sara
2009-03-16 16:09:25

thank you for introduce Mike Spencer to us
I have searched for his bio and looks very interesting



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