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An Abundance Spell To Increase Your Finances

An Abundance Spell To Increase Your Finances

Many people switch to magic in search of abundance, but be advised that this spell of abundance, should be used with enormous caution. There is an excellent line between wishing the best for you, your family and your loved ones and just being greedy. Using this spell can be highly hazardous when its intention if soley for the greed of money.

You must, therefore, be strongly grateful for all that the universe has so far provided to you. Do your utmost to take advantage of what you currently have in your posessions. This of at least three explanations why you are thankful.

If you are really in need of assistance and honest in your intentions this spell will work wonders for you because there’s no problem requesting the Universe for assistance.

To cast the abundance spell, you will need:

  • A solid copper bowl (if unavailable, substitute for a silver goblet, or any other metal bowl at your own risk)
  • Three gold coins
  • Spring water (bottled mineral water can be a suitable substitute – just make sure to research the manufacturer and verify they don’t just sell glorified tap water)

To perform the abundance ritual:

The night of a Full Moon you have to wait. This ritual at any other moment, based on the place of stars, will either have no impact or could be harmful.

Dim the lights in a quiet room. You must be alone whilst casting this spell.

Half-fill the copper bowl with spring water. One by one, throw the gold coins in, concentrating on your wish for abundance.

Find the reflection of moon in the copper bowl. Focus your gaze on it and say the following:

I wish for abundance and greater prosperity

My gratitude lasts for more than eternity

Leave the bowl intact overnight. Take the coins out and put them in your purse – be sure not to spend them!

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