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While I was packing up my office last week to move house, I had the chance to go through the pile of ebooks and reports that I’ve printed out hard copies of over the last 6 months or so, it was a pretty big pile, over 2 foot high in fact!

I decided it was the ideal time to do a bit of tidying up and throw out (I put them in the recycling box, it’s a lot of paper) some of them and just keep the best that I wanted to read through again.

As I was going through deciding which to keep I cam across a real “gem” that I’d totally forgotten about and wanted to tell you about, so I put it to one side and packed it with my laptop to make sure I remembered to let you know about it as soon as I was back up and running.

and the good news is it’s free!

It’s written by one of the rising stars on internet marketing, Fabian Tan. If you haven’t heard of Fabian before, you will be seeing his name around a lot more this year, he offers top quality info…

the report is 45 pages of pure content, with a few recommended resources listed at the end and is not written as an “upsell” for another product or service, it’s actual real, valuable info, and it’s free: –

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