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First up is a free ebook from John Delavera, a guy who I’ve got a great deal of respect for, and it’s not just because we’ve shared a pint of Guinness or two! 🙂

You can either download the zip file directly by clicking here:

Or you can visit the “Freebies” page on and it’s the first ebook listed (hint: the “##NEW##” in big red letters should help you spot the right one)

What does John’s book cover?

A whole bunch of stuff about how you can be succesful online, here’s a taste: –

  • The very first thing you absolutely positively MUST do, if you want to make money online.
  • How a certain Mr. Nobody (you know this guy!) became a huge Mr. Somebody on the Internet. If he can do it, YOU can do it, and here’s how…
  • What to do that practically GUARANTEES your success online. Don’t do this and you’re doomed to FAIL…
  • Find this item, use it, and your success is inevitable. Hint: You probably already HAVE it and you don’t even know it!
  • The one video game played worldwide that has NOTHING to do with Internet Marketing, yet can teach you the tricks to creating your online fortune. Weird, but true!
  • How to create a _ _ _ _ _, and then use it on everything you do. This is going to generate a whopping 50% of your success!

and don’t worry, you don’t need to give your email address to get the book and it’s not stuffed full of links to other stuff, in fact there’s only 3 links in the entire book!

Once you’ve had a read of the book you should also check out some free videos that John’s made showing some useful stuff:

How to start selling an ebook in 5 minutes

How To Setup A Squeeze Page In 8 Minutes

How To Create a membership site in 3 minutes

and then go check out his latest news, and make sure you get all the way down to “The Missing 9th Method” as it gets REAL interesting after that bit…
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