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Yesterday I came across a site that was selling a “product” to help webmasters recover lost traffic from visitors who end up on a non-existant page on their website. I’ve no idea what the price was as I simply didn’t bother reading the sales page, but I guess it was probably $37 or more.

why didn’t I bother reading the sales page?

Simple, all you need to do to make sure visitors don’t end up on a error page from a page that doesn’t exist is to use a “404.shtml” page.

Of course it’s only simple if you know what to put in the 404 page, well I’ve uploaded a copy of the file that I use for you to grab here:

404 error page download

all you need to do is replace the url for my site [] with your own site url and upload the file to the public_html or root directory for your site.

All this does is redirect any visitors who end up on a 404 “page doesn’t exist” error page back to the url you put in the code, I normally use the home page, squeeze page or sales page for the domain.

It’s a simple and effective solution that costs nothing.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth using just take a look at your web stats in your web host control panel or cpanel to see how many hits you have to your 404 error page, you may be surprised at just how many visitors you’re losing this way.

How do people end up on non-existant pages?

It’s usually from people either typing in an page address incorrectly or from links to pages that don’t exist on your site.

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