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Archive for December, 2011

Automated Backlinks Plugin

I guess you’re probably thinking ‘not another automated backlinks tool’…

yup, but then can you ever have too many backlinks to your site..?

the answer, in case you were wondering, is no, you only get in trouble by getting too many backlinks too quickly, which this deals with, or by getting too many backlinks from the same source, which this partly dals with, but you shuold use this as part of your overall backlinks strategy anyway.

Quicklink: –  Automated Backlinks Plugin

Note #1: there is a demo video on the page, just scroll down a bit to watch it.

Note #2: If you saw my blog post (and demo video – Automated Backlinks Software) for WPSBoxPro then what this new plugin does may seem somewhat similar, and that’s because it is, it essentially does much tthe same thing, but it does it in a different way.