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Archive for July, 2011

so it’s all supposed to be ‘roses’ being an affiliate marketer, right..?

and yet you just can’t seem to pull in those big paydays that you hear other affiliate marketers talking about…

it’s time to discover what really makes the difference: –


This video and pdf home study course on ‘Affiliate Marketing’ comes with a 97 page manual, as well as 3 tutorial videos covering everything you need to know about succesful Affiliate Marketing…

The Manual: –

* Proven methods for making cash as an affiliate
* Powerful FREE traffic methods
* Easy ways to dominate your competition
* How to use web 2.0 to your advantage
* How to use the best free affiliate resources
* The key elements to true affiliate success

Video #1: Finding Quality Products

You’ve seen those cool optin forms and banners that slide in to the page on some blogs, right..?

Quick Link [inc. Demo Video]  ~>

How would you like an unlimited domain use licence to the brand new “SlideIn” blog optin blugin “”..?

This plugin does a whole bunch of cool stuff and there’s an insider “Demo” video so you can check out exactly how the plugin works and all the neat stuff it can do…

you can set up the slide ins to appear after a delay, or staright away.

you can decide whether the appear at the top or the bottom of the page, and which direction the slide in, as well as how fast.

you can even set up slideins to only appear for a certain “period” of time, e.g. a date range, for instance for a specific “campaign”.