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Archive for April, 2011

Maximum Money Blueprints Review

I managed to get a review copy of Maximum Money Blueprints from Fabian, so I’ve taken the time to look through them all and do a full review for you, I hope you find it useful…

Note: don’t be put off by the first 2, they get better, a LOT better… 🙂

Blueprint #1 : Pay Per Install – personally not keen on the first blueprint as I’m not of a fan of the product used for monetization, but it can be used to monetize almost any type of site/traffic

score: 4/10

Blueprint #2 : ArticleMarketing – this one does have lots of solid info, although nothing hugely groundbreaking if you’re already familiar with article marketing, the best tips are on page 21 & 22, and if you’re not aware of these they could make a pretty big difference to how much you make from your article marketing efforts…

Online Coaching Cources

The best people to learn from tend to be those who have, as the saying goes, “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”…

My friend (and fellow Welshman) Alex Jeffries is one of those people, before he started making money online he was a construction worker, for 8 years!

Why is that important?

Simple, it shows he’s been trapped in that “dead end” job himself, and he not only managed to get himself out of that position, he’s gone on to do it for a whole bunch of his online coaching cource students.

you can check out what a few of them say about him here: –

~> Online Coaching Cources

SENuke Automated Video Submitter Software

This is the 3rd demo video for the SENuke X showing how you can use the system to automatically submit your videos to a whole bunch of video sharing sites, I’ll include links to the other two video blog posts below the video.

here’s the previous video/blog post I made showing how easy it is to create all those profiles using the system: –

and here’s a new one I’ve just finished on how to do RSS directory submissions with it: –

Grab your copy of SENuke X Here : – SENuke X

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