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Archive for March, 2011

Review of Neil Shearing’s Fast Traffic Blueprint

Neil Shearing has been making money online longer than any one I know, he sold his first ebook way back in 1997!

His new traffic blueprint is based on his own case study of how he pulled in well over 100,000 visitors to a brand new blog in it’s first year, all from free traffic!

The blueprint includes an easy to follow 63 page pdf along with 5 tutorial videos.

I’ve known and followed Neil’s stuff for almost a decade, so I know when he releases something new he’s done his research thoroughly and is sharing real results from stuff he does himself.

This basically means reading his report gave me an insight in to how he drives traffic to his sites and yes, whilst I knew a lot of the stuff in there, I was still able to pick up a couple excellent new tips that I will be using in my own business…