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Archive for October, 2010

Want a free website every month..?

A couple of mates of mine have put together a really cool offer of a free website every month…

~> Get Your Free Monthly Web Sites Here

now I know you probably here the “my mates” line in emails from loads of people, but just to show you I really mean it when I say it, here’s a photo of me out drinking with Dave & John, and a couple of other marketing mates, just a couple of weeks ago: –

these guys really are drinking buddies of mine, AND they really have put together a great offer for you…

and yup, the guys really are giving websites away every month!

here’s a taster of what you get: –

~ Choose your own contact details and add the form to your website.

There are sources of traffic available that mean you never have to worry about getting your site ranked in Google, or constantly chase new backlinks to keep your rankings.

it’s not free, but if you know where to go it is DIRT cheap!

Media Traffic Meltdown is a brand new, one-of-a-kind ‘watch over the shoulder’ media buying video tutorial course that’s just been released by 3 very successful internet marketers – Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye & JP Schoeffel.

The videos are set out in easy to follow, step-by-step format, to make sure you can get the very most from every step of the course.

The first part is a walk through of exactly how (and where) to get your very first media traffic buying campaign up and running without any hiccups!

Stealth Profit Machines Auto Blog Content Posting Tool

Yesterday I posted a new video about the Stealth Profit Machines tool and how it can be used to install a new WP blog.

You can see that first video here: – WordPress Automation Tool

This second video is to show how the software will find as much keyword targeted content as you need, all above board and “white hat”, and then post it for you over time on whatever frequency you want, so you can effectively take 5-10 mins and set up all the content you need for your blog for the next 12 months!

The third video will cover the main plugin itself which automates the monetization of the blog.

Note: the third video won’t be posted until Thu 7th Oct and will be posted here: –
WordPress Profit Plugin