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Archive for August, 2010

Zero Cost Commissions is an affiliate marketing course with a difference, it’s from two guys who you probably haven’t ever heard of before, because they’re not “guru’s”, they’re real life affiliate marketers who do this for a living and make a killing at it!

In the Internet Marketing world there there are many “guru’s” who make the bulk of their money from selling courses and products teaching other people how to make money with affiliate marketing, even though it’s not the “core” of their own business, in other words they make most of their money from teaching people to do things that they aren’t actually doing themselves…

personally, I haven’t launched a paid (i.e. not free) product of my own (not including PLR products I’ve bought off others) since May 2007…

yup, that’s over 3 years!

This new Traffic Generation Software takes advantage of a “glitch” to pull in massive traffic, and what’s even better is you can get cash coming in within 48 hours…

In fact the guy behind this managed to make $4,191 in the first 7 days using this!

grab your copy here – Traffic Generation Software

H also used it to bring in $219,249 from Clickbank just last month, that’s a heck of a lot of cash in one month!

but here’s the thing, this guy almost chucked it all in just a few months ago…

yup, he’d got to that stage… he’d spent piles of his own cash on all sorts of different guides, courses and tactics and felt no closer to working out how to make a real online income.

Resale Rights Software – The Quick Way to Selling Software Online

There’s many different ways that it’s possible to build a successful online business, but one of the most powerful, and potentially most profitable, is selling your own software.

Software is generally perceived as a high value product (or service), usually because it either solves a problem for the customer, or saves them time, or both, so the benefits of the right software tool to a customer is likely to outweigh the cost many, many times over.

It’s for this very reason that software is often easier to sell than other digital or information products.

The downside is the development costs involved…

That’s where good old “Resale Rights” products come in!