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Archive for November, 2009

Can you really build a whole new Niche site in under a minute?

You can now! 🙂

Today  a seriously slick new auto site builder has been released. It’s been responsible for over 1million targeted visitors this year already, and this is the first time it’s ever been available to you and me…

This automated site building system is simply the “Mutt’s Nuts”!!! [imho]

Note: that may be a bit of a “Brit” phrase, but it basically means “seriously good”. 😉

it will build a whole site for you in under a minute, including: –

~> keyword research, which is then automatically updated on a regular basis

~> finding the content for you, again automatically keeping this fresh over time

today I’ve got a free site profits blueprint (pdf report) for you…

getting a website up and running, keeping the content fresh, and driving enough traffic to it to make some money can be kinda a lot to get to grips with right?

so having a better understanding of which bits work, and why, as well as a blueprint to follow might be useful, yes?

well today you can grab one for Zero cost right here: –

Free Website Traffic Blueprint

the report is from my friend JP, he’s the one on the right in this pic of a few of us out for dinner in London this summer: –

JP’s known as a big traffic guy, he knows how to pull in tens of thousands of unique visitors every day to any of his niche websites, and he has LOTS of them!