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Archive for September, 2009

How would you like to learn a Beginners Internet Marketing Money Making System that actually works….

does this sound familiar..?

this newbie’s name is Anton.

he’d done all the usual stuff, buying loads of ebooks, reports and other “Guru” products.

none of it seemed to work for him, but he didn’t give up, although he did come very close!

somehow he managed to stumble upon a way of bypassing all the usual stuff being “pimped” by “Guru’s” and make some real money FIRST, so he could then use that to re-invest in building a long term online business.

In fact he made $400 in just 4 weeks!

and here’s the best bit, he had no starting capital & no websites!

he then used part of that money to set up a simple website and autoresponder to start building his list.

I’m going to do a blog post on tomorrow to explain a bit more about why going to internet marketing events is so damned important, but I wanted to get this out to you first, as there’s a great event coming up here in the UK next weekend, that I’ll be going along to, and there’s also a great one coming up in Oct in Baltimore in the US, so if you’re “over the pond” you’re not going to miss out either…

here’s the info on the UK one first: –

Mark Anastai has put together a very impressive team of speakers for his Speed Cash Seminar here in the UK next weekend, including: –

Armand Morin
Shawn Casey
Brett McFall
Kirt Christensen
John Jonas
Alex Goad
Mark Vurnum
Reed Floren
Amit Mehta
Alex Goad
Jeff Dedrick

Awesome Free Motivational Video From Tony Robbins, Frank Kern & John Reese

“This video freaked with my mind, and spun me around, literally!”

I get so many emails every day from pretty much every marketer on the planet it seems, I guess you’re probably the same.

some days it can take an hour or more just to work out which ones to delete and which I want to take a look at, but that’s just part of my job as your “crap filter”, finding the best bits to check out, and junking the rest… 🙂

anyway, it was actually a friend who sent me this video link and told me I should watch it, that was a few weeks ago and I only got around to watching it last night, but WOW!!!! what a video!!!

New Internet Marketing Business Course

have you started yet?

what’s stopping you…

getting started, actually taking action and doing something, is usually the biggest stumbling block for anyone starting a new business online.

obviously investing in your own education can help, but there comes a time when you need to actually put what you’ve learnt in to practice.

and many of the ebooks and courses available either simply don’t cover everything you need, or end up covering so much that you end up being put off because it seems too much!

finding the right balance, of giving you the exact steps you need to take, in the right order, with the right amount of encouragement, and at the same time keeping it all simple enough to follow is the sign of a good teacher, someone who not only does it all themselves, but can show you exactly how to replicate their system for true success.