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Archive for July, 2009

I found a kicking free info product creation video for you!

having your own info product will take your online business to the next level, but just how do you do it..?

here’s a free video that’s an hour long for you on exactly how to do it yourself: –

Creating Info Products

Note #1: the video is OVER an HOUR of pure content, so make sure you take a leak and grab a cup of tea or coffee before you start watching!!!

The was made by fellow ski bum’s Marc Horne & Hollis Carter, who have released several very successful info products over the last couple of years, so they know what they’re talking about, even though they look like a pair of drop out beach bum’s in this video…
Creating Info Products

Ben Shaffer’s Auto Cash Method

there are a small number of fellow marketers who I keep a special eye on, guys who when they release a new product I’m first in the queue to get a copy…

they tend to be VERY good at one particular “specialty”, usually because they earn a large part of their income through that “discipline”. In other words they do it themselves, rather than just teaching others how to do it “in theory”, like some marketers.

Ben Shaffer is one of these people.

Quick Link ->

He’s a quiet family guy, and one “smart cookie”, who is an expert in one of my favorite methods for making money online, “set & forget” automated websites.