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Archive for March, 2009

Here’s A Problem YOU NEED In Your Business…

I know it’s usually wise to avoid problems at all costs (especially when business is involved) but this is one of those problems you really, really want to attract in your online business:

It’s the problem of having TOO many loyal, active and paying subscribers!

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

But if you’ve got a constant ton of traffic pouring into your website(s) on a daily basis, ordering products, signing up to your mailing lists etc then it can get a bit much to keep up with.

And my friend (and highly respected marketer) Ray Johnson is “suffering” from this very symptom.

BUT, Ray likes these symptoms…

Allow me to explain…

Despite the minor headache of having too many “cash spending” subscribers, he’s actually put together a complete FREE system that will let you do exactly the same.

Today I’ve got a free must read “cut the crap” report for you…

this free report is 38 pages of real, non-sales, useful info!

it’s from Andrew Hansen, one of favorite internet marketers and a top niche blogger, and that’s not just because I’ve had a pint or two with him –

Andrew is a straight talking, no nonsense kinda guy, and this report proves that, big time!

here’s a line from the one of the opening paragraphs of the report that I’ll bet you can identify with: –

“The biggest reason people fail to make money online is because this industry makes it so damn hard to find and focus on the right information and persist with a single course of action until it results in a profit.”

I’ve just finish going through Jaz Lai’s book and I finally realized that It’s not a secret anymore…

In order for you to make BIG monthly income from your home business, you need to have your own opt-in list of fresh prospects quick.

Basically the more prospects you have, the better the chances of making more money.

That’s the way to do it in 2009 and beyond…

Instead of telling you how it’s done in this email, I asked him if I could send a copy to my list and he kindly agreed.

But he is only giving away 29 copies of these powerful books so hurry before they are gone…

three quick updates/reminders¬†for you today…

first up I’ll be taking down the free blogging reports and squeeze page templates that you can giveaway for free to build your list with giveaways shortly, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, please go do so now!

the link for your free gifts is at the bottom of the blog post here: –

there’s also some giveaway event details on that page for you to sign up for and check out.


2nd up, the awesome PLR offer from Jeremy Burns is almost sold out, I’ve grabbed my copy, have you got yours yet?

here’s the coupon code you can use for 50% off – FASTACTION97OFF

Source Code Goldmine v8

there are 10 products up for grabs, including: –

the pack includes: –

one of the “secrets” of making it easy to make a real living online is to use other people’s products.

the problem is there is a huge amonth of “PLR” and Resale Rights tuff out there that is just old stuff re-hashed, or you don’t actually get REAL “Private Label” Rights, or it just plan sucks!

so here’s my “SECRET” source of the best PLR products around!

Get Your Brand New Blog, Twitter and CPA PLR

they’re brand new!

they’re limited numbers available!

and they are so good you will want to use many of them your self anyway!!!

the pack includes: –

Where will you be in 12 weeks from today..?

it can be real difficult to make real progress online…

we’re all constantly bombarded with new offers and ideas!

Sometimes we simply get stuck on a technical question…

or simply lose sight of the big picture and get bogged down in the little details…

So getting some intensive, step by step coaching can be the perfect way to cut out all the “noise” and get up and running.

There’s a course starting this Tuesday that will do exactly that for you, and it’s from a guy who really knows his stuff, I know, I’ve learnt a heck of a lot from him…

Note: The link below will take you to an offer page for “5 ways to make $100 a day”, just fill in the form to grab the report and get on through to the next page, THAT is where the REAL offer is…