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Archive for November, 2008

ever wondered if there are some secrets that all these “guru’s” out there aren’t telling you..?

like maybe how to get paid even if people don’t buy from you…

and how to get profits rolling in without relying on AdWords or AdSense…

and how to create products without actually doing anything…

or even how about how to pull THOUSANDS of names off the “guru’s” lists… on to yours!

and that’s just a taste, get more here: –

ever wanted your own social network site like facebook or myspace..?

well now you can!

There’s a video explaing it all, and although the guys ramble a bit at the start:wink:, give them a few minutes and you’ll get to the real meat in the video, and they’re not going to be letting many of these social network sites out there, so you need to be veryquick…

I always wondered how this guy made his money, now I know and it’s a classic “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

no product, no list, no ppc, just flip it or keep it…

Flip Flopping Profits

you don’t need a product…

you don’t need to build a list..

you don’t need to pay for PPC..

Flip Flopping Profits

oh, and I know this works, I’ve picked up several thousand dollars doing this just a couple of times already.

get in on this now and you could easily do the same before Xmas to give yourself a nice holiday bonus!

[this post – Simple Website Profit Plan]

I want to introduce to you something very special that has the potential to change your life.

Now I know that sounds like a big claim right off the bat but it’s actually true. Let me explain why.

Recently I was introduced to a guy named Tristan Bull. Tristan’s premier product entitled Internet Marketing Uncut was one of the most comprehensive courses about making money online that had been produced in a long long time.

Now this course was released a few months back at $1997 and completely sold out.

Unbelievably Tristan has re-released it to the Warrior Forum for just $50.

take a look before he changes his mind: –

Tristan Bull’s WSO offer

Apparently his reasoning is that he want’s to give back as much as he can since he has already been incredibly successful, and who are we to argue… lol!

“Crazy Pete” has lost it again!

Crazy Pete’s SEO Tool

Pete’s letting a few more people get in on his badd ass “SEO” tool…

this thing can get you SHED LOADS of free visitors from the search engines without you having to know how all that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff works.

You just grab some articles and let this beast loose!

Best of all is it’s just $1 right now, so you can grab it, use it, and let the results speak for themselves!

This kick ass tool will even setup accounts at over 60 of the top social networking sites for you on auto pilot!!!

that’s something I usually pay $50+ for someone to do for me on Rentacoder or elance…

hmm, just a thought here, perhaps you could even make money by using this tool to offer that as a service…..


Site Research Tools

hope you’re having a fun/relaxing weekend! :grin:

it’s typically wet and windy here in the UK… :roll:

I’ve got a free video for you to watch: –

Site Flip Flopping

it’s about 30 mins long, and the sound quality isn’t great, but the method revealed is neat!

and here’s my extra tips for doing “Site Research“: –

the quickest and easiest way I know of to fins out what keywords are bringing traffic to a site just paste the site url in to this site: –

SEO Digger

and if you use firefox as your browser it can make life a lot quicker and easier for doing backlinks and other research on a site if you have the plugin installed.

you can see me making use of the plugin for site research on the video here: –


I was planning on telling you about these videos a couple of days ago, and now’s there’s less than 25% left, so I apologise!

PLR Videos

there’s over 50 videos in total and you get the rights to use them all as your own products to sell to others, they comewith full PLR rights.

although you’ll probably want to watch a lot of the videos yourself…

They include: –

  1. How to become a Celebrity Blogger
  2. Creating Web 2.0 Graphics Using Gimp
  3. Outsourcing Your Traffic Production
  4. Selling on eBay
  5. Using Freelance Sites
  6. Using Adobe Photoshop for Newbies
  7. Pro Online Copywriting
  8. Responsive email Marketing

and the price?

just $97 for the whole lot…

PLR Videos