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Archive for September, 2008

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Working Offline with Affiliate Marketing

As you understand affiliate marketing is a business that mainly takes place online, but you should never neglect the importance of putting some of your efforts offline. In getting as many visitors as possible you’ll have great possibilities of making quite a nice extra income. For some people this isn’t just an “extra” income – they are so successful that it’s the way they make their living.

There simply is too much at risk in ignoring the offline world – a big part of your earnings could get lost. In marketing offline you have the chance of reaching a big number of potential referrals/visitors. Good news for you is that it isn’t difficult to implement offline marketing in your current marketing plan.

I’ve got another quick freebie report for you, and yes, it’s part of the run up for a launch later this week, but it is well worth reading, imho.

In fact I’d like to hear what you think about it, more about this further down…

the report is called “15 Secrets That Made Me Millions” and it’s by a guy called Douglas Goodie.

Douglas is one of those guys who’s life story is simply amazing!

there’s a video on the download page that will  give you an idea of what this guy has been through, it’s also worth watching…

here’s the link for the report: –

Download the 15 Secrets That Made Me Millions

It’s that time of the year again, there’s some seminars on and it’s my chance to get out of the office and have a few beers with some like minded internet marketers…

it’s also your chance to corner me for a chat and a beer in the bar if you’re at one of these events…

This weekend I’m off to the “internet masters” seminar at Earl’s Court: –

The tickets are free, although the hotel rooms are not cheap, at around £100 pernight, although as it’s Earl’s Court you should be able to find cheaper hotels in the area.

It starts on Saturday 20th Septemeber and runs until Monday 22nd, although I will actually be there from Friday afternoon and have to leave on Sunday due to some family commitments on Monday, but if you’re hanging around in the bar on Friday or Saturday night and spot me, feel free to come over and say “Hi”.



I appreciate you being a loyal reader, so I’ve gota friend to offer you 3 awesome new products with resell rights for free.
I believe these products will help you build your business the way I use them in my daily business operation.
Please grab your gifts now while still available before this page is taken down…

this may be your final chance.


Free Traffic Tips

this isn’t a promo post, there’s not affiliate link, just my quick recommendation to take 5 minutes to check out an excellent blog post from Reed Floren on his blog at

Reed’s post covers 7 simple, but highly effective methods for getting traffic and is well worth the few minutes it takes to read.

While you’re on the blog I’d recommend taking a moment to check out some of Reed’s other posts

AND sign up for his free newsletter to get his own personal success secrets, you may not realize it, but Reed is known as one of the world’s top Joint Venture Marketers, so he’s someone I’ve been following for some time now, to my benefit, and I really do recommend you do the same…

have a great weekend!

Download Your Free $600m Woman Interview & Outsource Videos

I’ve been chatting with a guy called Ray Johnson this week and his story has amazed me!

Earlier this year he was waching a UK TV show called “The Secret Millionaire” and he had one of those “ah-ha” moments.

He decided he needed to get in touch with the millionaire featured that week, one of the most successful Internet pioneers in the WORLD to date, the $600 Million Dollar Mogul, Margaret Heffernan.

Somehow he did actually manage to get in touch with her, and in fact he ended up interviewing her so he could share what he learned from her…

that was after the knowledge she gave him tripled his business almost overnight!

You can get the interview for free here: –

it seems the stomper boys really have lost the plot, as if giving away their DVD’s showing everything about how to get organic search engine traffic for free wasn’t a good enough deal, they’ve gone and added another $10,000 worth of bonuses…


they claim it’s their way of saying sorry for messing up the launch last week, I think they’re just showing off with how many top marketers they can squeeze serious gifts out of, but hey, who cares as long as we get the benefit right..?  🙂

To be fair, you should get this because of the DVD’s themselves, but all those bonuses do kinda make it a no brainer.


Free SEO DVD’s

Isn’t it fun when a big launch goes “pear shaped”!!!

you may have seen some emails promoting the launch of the new Stomper 2 SEO DVD’s yesterday, which was looking like being another one of those “big” noisy launches, and then it all went wrong…

they had to postpone the launch because they messed up their servers and stuff… lol!

The launch is now re-scheduled for 2pm EST (7pm GMT) today

I wasn’t going to mention it, as I hadn’t taken a look at it, but because of all the mess up I decided to go take a look, I’m glad I did…

Stomper 2

I’ve changed my mind about telling you about it simply because it’s way to good an offer to miss out on, I’ll be heading over and grabbing myself a copy as soon as it’s open.

I might be adding a new book to my list of “everyone should read at least once” books after today, as Joel Comm has just released a new book called “Click Here To Order”, you can check it out here: –

Click Here To Order

I have to admit that I’ve got a soft spot when it comes to Joel’s books, as he mentioned my site in his previous best seller, The AdSense Code.

So what’s Click Here To Order about?

it’s the stories of some  of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs, how they’ve made thier millions and the struggles along the way.

As Joel’s an internet marketer there are obviously also some kick ass bonuses on offer at the moment, probably to help Joel make sure the book becomes a New York Time best seller, like his previous book…