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Archive for August, 2008

Did you ever get tricked by the nasty Gurus?

Who wouldn’t, right?

If you know HOW it FEELS like to buy their B.S. products and be left empty handed, with no after-sale support or further direction whatsoever..

Then things are going to change really soon!

Would you like to NEVER get into Gurus’ TRAP again so you can start making real EXTRA *income online, part-time or full-time?

Just recently I’ve stumbled upon a cool site where you could discover..

“Everything you Wanted to Know About Building a Small Blog That Makes $300, $3,000.. and Even $30,000 Per Month!”

What I like about it is that it provides ACCESS to a f.ree VIDEO presentation which promises to be groundbreaking and eye-opening..

It’s called – “The BIGGEST Marketing Lie” (A $149 VALUE)

I thought I’d post a photo that I just found from when I recently moved house.

It shows the huge pile of internet marketing reports that I cleared out and threw away (via the recycling box) as part of my move.

the photo: –
internet markting reports recycled

There were a few reports that I did hold on to, and one of them is a free one from Fabian Tan, you can check it out here:

It covers a simple, yet VERY effective, 3 step plan to building a $300+ per day income online.

The report is just 45 pages long, so it’s easy to take in, and it’s not the typical “free report” that’s simply written as an “upsell” for another product or service, it’s actual real, valuable info you can use.

and I did mention it’s free didn’t I?

Not Your Typical Article Marketing Report

[In a rush? Here’s the link:]

you should be aware by now that for getting started with making money online the best and cheapest ways are having a blog and using article marketing, it’s a great combination.

If you haven’t already got your blog setup then grab my free blog setup guide here: –

Free Blog Setup video Guide

I have a report on article marketing that I sell for just $7, which is pretty good, especially at that price, you can check it out here: –

Cheap Ebooks

it’s called the “Lazy Mans Way To Writing Articles” and it’s the last ebook, right at the bottom of page.

BUT I’ve just found a much BETTER guide to article marketing that’s also dirt cheap…

N.B. My special bonus offer is at the bottom of this post, but I’ve also made a post here – Affiliate Payload Bonus Offers – with 3 other bonus offers from other marketers, just in case mine isn’t what you’re looking for…

ok, so the report is finished, but I’ve not finished reading mine, and I’ve been at it a few hours, so even though I’m only up to the media buying section I thought I’d better send you my impression so far…

you probably realise the simple fact that I’m rwading it in detail (and taking lots of notes) instead of just skimming through it is a good sign, right?

absolutely right! 🙂

I want to show you two sites today, bear with me, they are related and there’s a wicked opportunity here…

The first is here (but don’t sign up!): –

Internet Business Training Programs

Why don’t I want you to sign up for it?

well, it’s a pretty cool site, offering a massive amount of top notch training material from some of the worlds best online marketers, and you’re probably keen to get your hands on your own copy, but…

how about having your own private label copy of the site that you can use to build up a residual recurring income..?

yeah, I thought you might like that, I did too. 🙂

so here’s the thing, for the next 7 days only, Terry is offering a limited number of “PLR” (private label rights) copies of this site!

over the past few months a friend of mine, Tim Brocklehurst, has been holding a series of 3 day workshops to get people set up with their own automated online businesses.

 The Freedom Class

oh, in case you’re wondering, Tim really is a mate, I’ve had quite a few pints of Guiness with him over the last year or so, I’ve even uploaded a couple of photos on my flickr account here: –

one is from BritPack last year and the other is from Tim’s last workshop that I was at…

anyway, the people who came to these workshops (having paid $10,000 to attend) walked away after the three days with their own viral list building business up and running.