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Archive for July, 2008

in order to become a real player in IM circles, you’ve got to have a list. And the bigger your list the more money-pulling power you have…

It used to be tedious to build a list, because there are a lot of small steps that could potentially trip you up…

But, Chris Freville has solved all that with the Automated List Builder.

Auto List Building System

The system comes complete with all the latest gadget scripts for sky-rocketing your opt-ins…

10 quick-loading step-by-step video modules, each packed with solid gold tips and tactics for building a hands-free list faster than has ever been possible…

simple guidelines for forming rock-solid relationships with your list members…

even a companion manual and visual mind map detailing every single step for putting your building your list totally on autopilot.

A real ‘rags to riches’ story that could be you…

There are so many stories of people supposedly making ‘really big money’ on the internet that it’s hard to believe what’s real and what’s just an elaborate fairytale.

12 Strategies to Making Money
Here’s a REAL rags-to-riches story of a good friend of mine, Steve Mitchell.
Steve found it hard to get to the bottom of what he really needed to do to get success in his business…

or in real terms, profit AND actual income…

real money in the bank!
Steve spent years “trying” to be successful, all the time getting more and more broke as he ‘tried’ (sound familiar?)

he was NOT one of those folks who jumped on the internet business band-wagon and instantly made money…

Internet marketers are funny people. Some of them aren’t very clever either. They always seem to be searching for that million dollar idea; the idea that will propel them to fame and riches.

The problem is, that million idea just never seems to come.

You could spend all of your life looking for that one idea, but the chances are pretty damned slim that you’ll get that one “perfect” idea. And even if you do, it’s very unlikely that you’ll have the desire or resources to be able to bring it to fruition.

That’s why the “clever” internet marketers, the one’s that ARE making money, stick to the simple ideas; the proven ideas; the ideas that work and always will work; the ideas that require little investment and can easily be replicated; the ideas that truly produce a profit, over and over again…


Personal SEO Coaching

In a couple of days time, Lucid SEO will be closing the doors on the personalised, 1-to-1 coaching that comes as part of the Lucid SEO package.

Lucid SEO

The core Lucid SEO manual and videos will still be available for purchase, but the telephone consultation, panic room and website review facilities will no longer be offered to new members.

The Lucid SEO techniques are easy to follow, but nothing is guaranteed to help you make a success of your SEO and drive in thousands of visitors, than personalised consultation and feedback on YOUR website.

These will remain available, probably until Monday, 14th July, but it’s entirely possible that this could be closed this down early if it looks like they’re getting over-subscribed.

I have recently been working on a new network of blogs for myself, but I’m offering 10 of them as bonuses for the first 10 quick movers who grab a copy of this through my link: –

Google Nemesis

I’m actually offering a choice of three different bonuses to the first quick 10, see the options listed at the bottom of this post to see which one suits you best…

Why am I offering to give away 10 of my own brand new blogs?

Simple, you really need to take a look at this new automated system and I want to make sure you do, AND you take the offer seriously…

Google Nemesis

You have probably already seen an email or two yesterday from other people about this brand new offer, I didn’t send you anything yesterday becauseI needed to check it out for myself first.