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Archive for June, 2008

There’s just 11 hours and 16 minutes left until the world’s number 1 PLR Article site closes it’s doors for at least 3 months…

I’ve been a member of this site since it launched over 2 years ago.

That membership has paid for itself over and over again.

In just 11hours and 16 mins they will be closing the doors.

They will open them again in three months or so, but when they do the price will be over twice as much!!

Grab your place now and you’ll not only lock in your place at the cheap price, you’ll also get access to all the kick ass new tools they’re going to add when they reopen later this year: –

PLR Articles

what’s being added while they’re closed?

The new site will offer 3 seperate sections: –

one of the most common (and important) questions I get asked is:
“How do I just get started online?”
Great Question!

Most people have never been taught:
How to put up a webpage
How to set up an autoresponder
How to FTP and why it is important
What to use to “edit HTML”
How to put audio on their site
How to register a domain
How to get your website “Hosted”
and the list goes on and on…
You have 2 choices when it comes to learning the “Tech” of the internet:
1. Go and try to figure it out for yourself…

or the easy way…
2. Watch these dead-simple easy videos and get started today: –
How To Put Up A Web Page

Marlon Sanders is one of those old school internet marketers who’s name inspires respect.

He’s been helping people to start making profits online for almost a decade now, his was one of the earliest info products I ever bought, and he’s still at it, what he doesn’t know about internet marketing probably isn’t worth knowing.

He has recently used his excellent reputation to get access to a report that was taken off the market well over a year ago.

The stuff in this report still works, the owner took it off the market simply because of health problems that made her unable to provide support for it.

She has used these tactics for years to get as much free traffic as she could handle for her site, and it’s still working even 18 months after she stopped doing it herself…

Need Some Quick Holiday Cash, Discover 4 sure fire ways to get some cash quick…

I’ve just got back from a family holiday with my kids, parents, sister, 2 cousins and there kids, and their parents, it’s the biggest family holiday getogether we’ve ever had!

I was pretty amazed that it all went without any major “hiccups” or “discussions” as my mother and her sister would call it…

I’ll tell you what the best part for me was though, it was mostly paid for in profits earnt from a couple of simple tools from Neil Shearing and the money was still rolling in while I was away…

but if your online business hasn’t reached that stage yet then you may be interested in some PROVEN quick money ideas to put some extra cash in your pocket ready for your next vacation and I’ve found just the thing for you: –

This guy really does answer your questions, he caught me off guard with just how quick he was to answer me when I shot him a few Q’s to “test him out”!

What’s more he not only knows his stuff, he also shares stuff that most “guru’s” won’t and he does it in his very first 3 FREE videos…

I’ve paid between $67 and $97 for “killer” clickbank ebooks and reports that didn’t give as much away as his videos do, check them out now and you’ll see what I mean: –

Free Guru Assassin Videos

Want to make videos better than mine..?

I got to eat a bit of humble pie today!

I thought I was fairly good at knocking out quality videos for driving traffic and getting commissions, but I just discovered how “basic” mine look compared to what you can do with the right training: –

I’ve already signed up for next months class, I know how powerful videos can be, I get a LOT of traffic from my “basic” ones, so I can’t wait to see how much extra traffic and sales I can generate with the top quality videos I’ll be able to make soon!

why not join me…

Web Video University

Jeremy Burns has been producing some of the very best resale products around for several years now, I’ve used many of them to build my own business…

Now it’s your turn to grab a slice of the action, check out Jeremy’s 6th offering from hiw Source Code Gold Mine offer: –

Source Code Goldmine 6

My favorite is the web 2 site building tool, you could easily use this to make yourself a huge pile of cash very quickly by combining it with some of the tactics from Alex Goald’s report I mentioned in my last email: –

4 Tier Anihilation Method

hint: think “flipping”!!!

When I got hold of a pre-release copy of this from Alex last week I thought I’d just spend a few minutes checking it out to see if it was just another one of “those” ebooks, I was still reading it several hours later…

It’s one of those rare reports that once you start reading it, you just can’t stop!

There’s so much simple, effective and REAL powerful info in there it just sucks you in and makes you want to soak it all in, although I also found myself scribbling down notes while reading it, notes on new stuff that I know will help me make even more money online…

4 Tier Annihilation Method

Alex is the real deal, he’s been making a LOT of money online for a LONG while.

please AVOID reading this post if you’re NOT interested to own a ready-made custom blog tailored to your specific needs..

I’m talking about a professional looking WordPress (WP) Blog which attracts traffic, gets visitors and finally makes real money while you spend more time with your spouse, family, friends, kids, dog, cat etc…

This is a special, very time limited offer from my good friend Codrut Turcanu at so read on as I let him explain the offer in detail…

On the otherhand, if you’re feeling too lazy to read, then you can watch a short video (just over 10 mins) that shows the same offer instead: –

Blog Building Offer Video

N.B he even shows 3 LIVE examples of blogs he created for other clients!

I’ll hand over to Codrut –>

No doubt you’ve already had quite a few emails hit your in box today telling you how Mike Filsaime has “lost his mind”, or something similar, as he’s offering his 7 Figure Secrets Report for free…

I’ll explain what the report is in a moment, but first…

Mike Obviously hasn’t lost his mind, he’s a top marketer and he knows exactly what he’s doing!

so is the report really “free”?

Yes and No…

Mike, and his partners for this launch, will make money in a few different ways, first up from what’s called a “forced continuity” program when you “sign up” to get the free report.

Let me explain exactly how it works, so you understand…

the tick box on the sign up page (which can’t be un-ticked!) is for the “free” copy of the MarketingDotCom Magazine.