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Archive for May, 2008

I have just got hold of an exciting new report by top marketer Willie Crawford.

It is being offered at no-cost by Carlton from

The report basically tells how Willie brought in over $1,000 in under 24 hours in a simple way that I’m convinced that pretty much anyone with a little bit of online experience can repeat!

So Grab this free report to discover how to get some really fast cash for yourself: –

Real Fast Money

and the best part is there’s no cost for you, so go grab your copy now!

oh, and I’m not the only one who rates this report, check out what some other people have said about it already: –

“You have outlined a very simple, and effective system to earn a nice amount of money in a very short time. Thanks, off to make my $2000 in the next 24hrs!” – Bill Edwards,

According to Russell Brunson it’spossible to make up to 254% commission from promoting other people’s products, even if they’re only offering 50% commission payments!!


affiliate evolution

I haven’t got the foggiest, yet, so I’ve just paid my $10 to find out how…

I highly recommend you do the same, especially as Russ is also throwing in his blueprint on how you can make your first affiliate commission within the next 24 hours!

affiliate evolution



N.B. If you know nothing about SEO and are a Search Engine Optimization newbie you would be better off grabbing this free book SEO to start with: –

Free SEO Book

SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) was one of my first “passions” online, I started studying how to get free traffic to my sites by optimizing them for the search engines for over 7 years now, so I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

Last October I met a guy who I consider to be THE guy when it comes to understanding SEO.

SEO Club

Why is he so good?

easy, because he has a huge array of sites that he uses to actually track and test the real results for in the Seach Engines, so his advice is based on pure facts and cold hard evidence!

There’s a whole bunch of stuff being launched today, none of which I’ve tried, so I wasn’t planning on sending you an email today, especially as my parents are visiting!

I wasn’t even planning on buying this one myself, but..

Affiliate Conspiracy

well, my folks headed home early (I’d cleaned up before they came, so after lunch mum didn’t have any “tidying” up she could do, she can’t just sit and talk) so I was scanning through all of today’s promo emails and something in one of them caught my eye.

here’s the deal, it’s yet another product about Adwords PPC and clickbank, it seems like there’s a never ending supply of them, but this does have a real difference, or three…

1st – it’s from Eric Rockefeller, who is truly an expert at PPC and Clickbank

First up is a free ebook from John Delavera, a guy who I’ve got a great deal of respect for, and it’s not just because we’ve shared a pint of Guinness or two! 🙂

You can either download the zip file directly by clicking here:

Or you can visit the “Freebies” page on and it’s the first ebook listed (hint: the “##NEW##” in big red letters should help you spot the right one)

What does John’s book cover?

A whole bunch of stuff about how you can be succesful online, here’s a taste: –

  • The very first thing you absolutely positively MUST do, if you want to make money online.
  • How a certain Mr. Nobody (you know this guy!) became a huge Mr. Somebody on the Internet. If he can do it, YOU can do it, and here’s how…

I have something a bit special here for you today, but you need to act fast to claim a massive discount!

John Thornhill has re-launched his eBook Membership website and it is jam-packed with all the latest technology to help you to succeed!

Your Own Ebay Ebook Store

So if eBay has taken it’s toll on your business with it’s new digital delivery rules, you really need to start thinking about selling your eBooks from your OWN website and just have yourself to answer to!

John’s new members area has a brand new eBook website uploaded, new installation video’s created and a whole bunch of new tools, tips and tutorials to get your eBook and eBay business thriving again.

If you are not quite sure what I mean, take a look at the video on this page and see exactly what I am talking about:

this has to be the biggest giveaway even I’ve ever seen!

there’s over 400 ebooks, scripts, software tools and other cool stuff up for grabs, all at zero cost!

I’ve just grabbed myself 9,000 plr articles to use on my blogs, for free!!!

you can do the same, it’s just one of the 400+ gifts on offer here:

p.s. if you’ve got your own list to promote this too and a gift to giveaway, then you can join as a partner here:

OK, so first up my apologies, this email was supposed to be sent out yesterday and I’ve only just discovered that it didn’t go for some reason!

So to keep this as quick as possible, I wanted to let you know that there is a 50% discount offer available on all cool software tools available from the Mass Automation Team, including one of my favorite blog automation tools.

It’s called AutoSocialPoster and it can automatically bookmark your blog posts (randomly, to appear “real”) on 34 of the best web 2.0 social bookmarking sites, to get a whole bunch of backlinks and traffic to your blogs for free.

You can check out ASP here:

and the coupon code for 50% off until midnight is: 24hpromo

Self limiting beliefs can stop us all from being successful in life, learning how to get rid of them is easier than you might think…

For anyone who thinks Twitter is just a waste of time this is a great example of Twitter being useful, the link for this free audio was twittered yesterday by Michael S Copeland, so thanks to mike for this one!

Click here to grab the free 90 minute audio on self limiting beliefs by Harrison Klein and Lynda Dyer

and of course thanks to Harrison and Lynda for making this excellent audio available to us all for free!

If you want to keep up with me on twitter you can find me here:

and you’ll find Michael in the list of people who follow me, see you there!

To do well in the search engines (and get High Pagerank) it’s all about getting more backlinks.

Google will try to make you believe that’s not what is “important” to rank well, but it’s actually what their ranking algorythm is based on, and it’s what works.

For the long standing proof just do a search on “click here” and you’ll see that is still 1st for this search term, it has been for years and that’s not going to change any time soon. is #1 for that term because there are simply so many thousands of links pointing to their site with the keyword “click here” as the anchor text (“anchor text” = the words used in the link itself).

It has nothing to do with the site/page being “optimized” for the term “click here”, in fact it doesn’t even appear on the page…