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Archive for April, 2008

If you don’t have a sales page or squeeze page, then don’t bother reading this, it’s not going to be of any interest to you.

Virtual Sales Assisitant

If you do have a salespage or squeeze page then you should check out the “Virtal Sales Assistant” from Dave Guindon before it DOUBLES in price later tonight!!

This very neat script can easily increase your optins and sales by 20-40% with just a few minutes work to set it up.

you can see from the testimonials on the page that it’s already been getting real results for people using it: –

Virtual Sales Assisitant

I’ve just picked up a copy to use myself as I know it will pay for itself, in both more subscribers and more sales, in just a few days.

[note about “Players With Money” at bottom of post]

I’m going to keep this real quick as I’ve gotta go pick up a mate from the traing station and he’ll probably “drag” me out for a quick pint..

Speed PPC V3

If you’re not interested in AdWords or MSN PPC then this might not be for you, although I’d recommend taking a look before you decide, as this tool might just change your mind about using PPC, it’s that good!

If you do anything at all with PPC, or want to, then you need to check this out, it rocks!

Speed PPC V3

here’s a couple of snippets from the MANY testimonials fro existing users:

Increased Clicks = 54%
Increased Impressions = 27.8
Increased Click Through Rate = 21%

“322 Ad Groups…under 10 Minutes”

I just bought this, and I think you should too..

I wanted to let you know about this, even though it’s almost midnight on a friday night here in the UK, and I really should be sat with my feet up in front of the TV and a glass of wine..

becuase this is just too good an offer to miss out on, I picked up a copy for myself as soon as I saw it: –

750 Traffic Tactics

what is it?

It’s Private Label Rights (PLR) for 750 traffic tactics to get more visitors to your websites and blogs.

750 Traffic Tactics

The information in it is worth far more than the cost just to read yourself, but it’s the PLR bit that makes this a real “no brainer” deal and here’s why…

Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith have just opened up a new viral report service and it’s still in “Beta” testing right now, so you can get in for free right now!

they’ll provide you with new viral reports each month to help you build your online income automatically, there’s a video to show how it works here:

Viral Reports

I’m a huge fan of viral marketing, as I’ve used it myself to build just one list of over 1,400 subscribers in just a few months from just one viral ebook, so I know how well it works..

Viral Reports

There’s another massive giveaway under way with over 180 free downloads for you!

Massive Giveaway

here’s a few of the best freebies on offer that caught my eye (and got downloaded to my pc): –

RSS Feed Submitter
Residual Traffic System
create your own video product
The SEO Edge
Gimp Video Tutorial
Cashing in on Giveaways
eWriter Pro PDF creator

and I haven’t finished going through the list yet!

Massive Giveaway

If you’ve got you’re own subscriber list and want to be a JV partner for this giveaway then check out this link instead:

Massive Giveaway JV