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Archive for April, 2008

While I was packing up my office last week to move house, I had the chance to go through the pile of ebooks and reports that I’ve printed out hard copies of over the last 6 months or so, it was a pretty big pile, over 2 foot high in fact!

I decided it was the ideal time to do a bit of tidying up and throw out (I put them in the recycling box, it’s a lot of paper) some of them and just keep the best that I wanted to read through again.

As I was going through deciding which to keep I cam across a real “gem” that I’d totally forgotten about and wanted to tell you about, so I put it to one side and packed it with my laptop to make sure I remembered to let you know about it as soon as I was back up and running.

I’ve just finished reading a free 25 page report that opened my eyes to something REALLY important about how AdWords REALLY works!

Even if you’re not a fan of AdWords you should read this report, it shows how “Mr. X” has made $1.2 million and built a list of over 40 thousand BUYERS in just nine months!!!

This report made something just click in my head and as soon as I click publish on this post I’m going to be changing a couple of my long standing AdWords campaigns to fit with this.

and I can’t wait to see the results…

No doubt if you’ve tried AdWords out for yourself you’ve had at least one campaign that bombed and ended up costing you money, me too.

This report showed me exactly where I’ve gone wrong on those campaigns, as well as how I can make my succesful one’s even more profitable.

Apologies for sending this out so late in the day, I’m still busy unpacking boxes from my move and catching up on my email..

Having little to no internet access for a few days reminded me just how cool it is to have an automated business that brings in money even while I’m doing other things.

and I’ve found a way of you getting your own automated business up and running in just one weekend: –


I met Tim Brocklehurst at the “BritPack” seminar in October last year and had the chance to not only lisen to his presentation on automating your income, but also managed to catch up with him for a chat in the bar.

After 8 weeks of waiting (and pushing the estate agents/realtors) I finally exchanged contracts on my house today, so I’m moving, at last! 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the UK house buying/selling process it’s a bit daft, as although I accepted an offer over 8 weeks ago, the sale doesn’t become a legally binding “done deal” until contracts are exchanged, which happened today, up until that point the buyor could have pulled out and I’d be left having to go through the whole process again, so I’m a “happy bunny”!

although I’ll be happier once the move is done and I’ve got my new office up and running in the new place, especially as I’m going to be without an internet connection for a couple of days(!!!), I guess I’ll just have to go and check out the local pubs to see which ones have wi-fi.. 🙂

I’m going to keep it real short and sharp today, as I’m busy packing ready to move house next week, at last!

first up, I’ve found a real quick and easy way of improving any squeee page or sales pages you have, BIG TIME!!

check it out here:

Scruffy Stuff

and second, check out this video showing proof of a simple step by step system that generates $146,202 in just four months!!!

it’s real easy to watch, go check it out NOW…

Niche Quake Proof

I’m off to pack more stuff, it’s amaing how much “clutter” you can gather in just 4 years (since I last moved)…

Just a quickie today, I’ve just got my latest plugin back from my coder, it let’s you activate or de-activate multiple plugins in one go, so it’s a massive time saver when you’re setting up a new blog!

you can see the video of it in action and discover how to grab a free copy for your self on the latest BlogTactics Post here:

WordPress Blog Plugin Activation

have a good weekend!

Do you work with AdWords or AdSense?

AdWords => AdWords Profits
AdSense => AdSense Secrets

probably both right?

yeah, me too.

I’ve made well in to 6 figures US$ with Google AdSense ads on my sites and blogs and along the way I’ve learnt from the best to make this passive income as high as possible!

Well, the best just got better, as today Joel Comm has released version 4 of his AdSense Secrets book: –

AdSense Secrets

Now Joel has charged $97 for this in the past and it sold like hot cakes as it really is worth it, but today he’s offering this new updated version for under $10…

yup, just $9.95 for 222 pages of the very latest AdSense money making info!

AdSense Secrets

so that’s adsense sorted, what about AdWords?

first up the Greedy Giveaway 2 is now open with a boat load of quality freebies for you to grab: –

Greedy Giveaway 2

as usual, here’s some of the best that I’ve spotted so far: –

Alok Jain – On Deman Profits (How Alok made $2,000 in just 10 days)
Mike Steup’s RSS Feed Basics
StumbleUpon Exposed
Jeff Dedrick’s 30 Days to Create a Product
David Thompsons List Building 1-2-3
Fabian Tan’s Internet Starup Secrets

but there’s a LOT of stuff in there, so go check out the full list and see which of the freebies on offer catch your eye…

Greedy Giveaway 2

and second, if you’ve ever considered using a wholesale dropshipping directory site than you really should check out my latest blog post on to see which one you REALLY SHOULD AVOID: –
this site started with an offer for a free trial that turned in to a $1 trial offer, and ended up costing over $100…

ever wondered how you can find hot new markets to make money from?

Sherlock Holmes

This video will show you a whole bunch of ways to find great new markets to create sites and products for in the real world.

take a look, I think you’ll find it fun as well as educational..

Sherlock Holmes

I think Mike’s losing his marbles!

you can see why here:


I’ve been a member of Mike’s Job Crusher site since it opened and I’ve learnt a whole bunch of excellent stuff for my business, the training in here is just TOP CLASS, as you’r expect from Mike!

it’s not been open to new members for the last few months, but it is right now and you can check it out for just $1!!!

Go take a look now before he comes to his senses: –


and if you’ve not watched the video I told you about a couple of days ago yet, it’s coming down at midnight, so check it out before then, or you’ll be too late: –

Secret VIP Video