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Archive for March, 2008

I’ve just added a new ebook to my Cheap Internet Marketing ebooks page, and as it’s the 13th, I thought I’d better make it free, for a little while at least, so for the next 24 hours you can grab your own copy of the simple html website guidewithout having to even give your name or email, just go to the sales page and click on the download link..

This guide will not only help you get up and running with your own sales pages, it gives links to a great free html editer, ftp software and tutorial video on how to use ftp, as well as links to the tutorial video on how to add a PayPal payment button, so you can be and and runnning with your own sales page in just a few hours…

There’s also some new blogging tutorial videos going up on BlogTactics over the next few days, the first couple are already posted:

1. Adding the RealTraffic Exchange Ads to your blog for free targeted visitors

2. Using SEO Friendly Permalink structures in your wordpress blogs for better search engine rankings and the Mod rewrite fix for .htaccess

3. Using “no www” url’s and why you should do this for higher pagerank and better search engine ranks

4. Creating PayPal “Buy Now” payment buttons to add to Private Label products to sell from your site for 100% profits

5. Submitting Blogs to Blog Carnivals for backlinks and free traffic..

did you know that you can make money from your articles and videos without needing your own website?

This is one of those little known secrets that just a few people “in the know” are making money from with very little effort, over and over again..

Surefire Success

The content you use doesn’t need to be fantastic.

Reviews, tips, recipes, “how to” videos will all work.

This system shows how you can take advantage of some of the biggest sites on the net to get paid over and over again for just doing the work once, that’s always good..


Surefire Success

Rob Benwell has another product on offer today, with only 1,000 copies up for grabs, so you’ll probably be bombarded with emails from all the top affiliates for this one.

I’ve already spotted 4 “guru’s” offering a bonus if you buy through their affiliate link, so I thought I’d put together a list of the bonuses on offer so you can choose the best one for you, if you decide to pick up a copy of IM Annihilation.

You can read the full details here:

p.s. just a quick update, there are now only 10 copies of TBS left:

If you’ve picked up a copy of TBS then here’s two of the biggest tips I can give you for getting the most from it:

1. Do some keyword research first to make sure you are targetting good keywords, go for long tail keywords (3-4 words & less competition) to start off with at least, as they tend to be higher quality and result in higher CTR’s and conversion rates, as well as being easier to rank for quickly..

2. Make sure you use the Deep Linking feature, this is VERY powerful! Most people only bother to get backlinks to the home page of their sites, so getting just a few good links to some internal pages can make a MASSIVE difference..

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, then you’re probably too late by now as last time I checked there were only a few places left, you can go check here:

I’m late sending out this email as I’ve had some technical problems today, so I’m not sure how many places there are left by now, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on my favorite automated link building tool, go check this out RIGHT NOW:


I’ve been using “TBS” for almost a year now and it brings in new links to my sites week in week out, with the minimum of effort from me. I have “TBS” running in the background on my laptop whenever I’m not using it.

TBS has been closed to new members for some months now, it’s open again right now, but only for the first 54 people, and as I’m late sending this email out, most or all of those spots may well have now gone, so please accept my apologies if it is too late..

There’s another giveaway just started today:

march giveaway

I’ve not had chance to look through all the stuff on offer, but there is one that caught my eye, the Yahoo Answers & Stumbleupon Bundle..

I’ve been testing traffic recently, you can read more about my results here:

and I’ll be posting an update on it this week, as I’ve got some more test results.

I’ve also just started experimenting with Yahoo Answers and will be letting you know how that goes soon too, so you might want to grab these freebies to get a head start…

march giveaway

There’s also a couple of sond looking tutorials on list building for newbies and a teleseminar on membership sites that look worth grabbing, as well as a Niche PLR package of 5,000 PLR articles, which is always useful..

I love PLR membership sites, but I’m a member of so many that the cost can quickly add up each month..

so I was pretty happy to find a new one from John Tan that has the whole lot in one site.

John’s site includes PLR articles, ebooks, graphics, software and videos, and all at a VERY affordable price.

Thanks to John’s new site I can cut down the number of PLR membership sites I subscribe to each monthand save a whole bundle of cash..

Complete Private Label Membership site

of course that doens’t mean anything if the content isn’t top quality, fortunatly John’s is.

in fact just one of the ebooks from his site made me enough to pay for my membership for over 8 months in just 24 hours.

check it out here:

I posted a bit of an epic post on one of my blogs on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, over 2,500 words all about why I sometimes promote other peoples affiliate links.

You can read it here:

Matt Garrett’s Blog Post Competition

I decided to make it worth peoples time for reading the post though, by adding a competition for the best two comments based on a question I ask, so there’s 2 x $50 up for grabs..

but you don’t need to read it all to enter the comepetition, you can find details down towards the bottom of the post..

The Competition closes on Monday, so go check it out now..

Matt Garrett’s Blog Post Competition

Did you miss my 3 step 30 day plan for making profits with blogs earlier this week?

here it is again, just in case:

1. get a blog
2. add neil’s script for automated content and “monetization”
3. get free backlinks for lots of visitors

the extra two steps are the best tho..

4. cash the cheques

5. repeat with more blogs for more profits

Here’s the link for Neil’s script:


and here’s the link for the traffic tools to get those backlinks and visitors, although it could well be sold out by now..

ultimate traffic