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Archive for March, 2008

Just a quick update today to let you know that there are some new tutorial videos posted on

I’ve just posted 3 videos that show how to find the best datafeeds on, convert the datafeeds and then import them and set up the cron job for for automated posting to your blogs with the 10DaysCash plugin, you can view them here:

and there’s also the (very short) video showing just how simple it is to create fresh new conent in just seconds with the Auto Content Generator tool I mentioned last week:

there’s also two new videos for using email brtoadcasts and automated email follow ups on AWeber:



you’ve probably had LOTS os emails today about Jeff Walker’s new Product Launch Formula Ver 2 launch.

you won’t find my affiliate link for it anywhere as I’m not promoting it…


simple, I haven’t got a copy so I don’t know how good it is, although I suspect it’s very good, but then it really needs to be as it’s pretty darned expensive.

it seems to be the common belief that it will sell out very quickly, which is possible with the number of “heavy hitters” promoting it!

but it’s also only really useful to you if you have a product to launch..

well, as usual with a big launch like this, many of the “guru’s” promoting it are offering a “bribe” for it buying through their affiliate link

I’m just about to make a “tutorial” video to show you how stupidly simple the new auto content generation system that I mentioned yesterday is to use..

Auto Content Solution

it’s probably going to be the shortest “how to” video I’ve ever done, as this thing is just that ridiculously simple to use!

but I just heard from Latif (the guy behind the system) that there are only 31 places left at the discount price, so it’s going to double in price VERY SOON, so I had to rush this email out to make sure you don’t miss out..

Auto Content Solution

I’ll get the video posted on BlogTactics as soon as I can, but it will probably be after the price rise as it takes a while to get the video uploaded, processed and approved with the service I use, so apologies for the bad planning on my part!

whatever type of site you build you need fresh unique readable content, it’s what the search engines want, and the more you can add the more free traffic you can get, but..

Auto Content Solution

writing your own takes too much time if you have more than one or two sites..

paying other people to write it for you costs around $5 per article..

using private label articles means you need to spend time re-writing it to make it unique..

so how about a system that can create fresh, unique and readable content for you in just 3 seconds..?

Auto Content Solution

yup, it sounded impossible to me too, but it’s not!

go check this one out now..

Auto Content Solution

Sean Mize has just prepared a brand new report, detailing exactly what he has done to get to $180,586 in yearly income in his first 13 months online, and is giving it away free here:
Earn 15 thousand a month within a year free report

Sean covers some pretty good stuff in the report, in fact I reckon he could easily be selling this report for $37 to $47, so grab your copy nowbefore he changes his mind..

Earn 15 thousand a month within a year free report

I didn’t make a post yesterday about Andrew Fox’s new Affiliate Factor X yesterday when it launched for two reasons, first I hadn’t looked at it myself, and second I didn’t think I would actually buy it myself.

but after reading the sales page a second time I weakened and bought it..

I’ve just watched the first video and I have to admit that I think it is worth the cost, although it’s not cheap at almost 200 bucks..

It’s been promoted by a whole bunch of “big names” and many of them are offering some decent bonuses fro buying through their links, so I have posted a list of the bonuses available from different “guru’s” on my Matt Garrett Blog

If you’re thinking about getting it check that out first to see which bonus, if any you like..

If you’ve been sitting on the fence on the SureFire Success system, the one I mentioned earlier this week that can bring you a recurring income without you even needing a website then I’ve got a favor to ask you, more on that in a moment..

but first I should also mention a couple of other cool bits about this system: –

first, although you don’t need a website with this system, you can make even more if you do have one, and the system includes very good (and free) site building tool for you to use..

Simple Recurring Income System With No Website

In fact there’s a whole bunch of free tools included, as Luke, the guy behind it, likes to over deliver and has turned the system in to a full blown members community to make sure you get the most from the system and can get started making money straight away..

As the Free HTML guide I offered on Sunday has been so popular, with over 385 downloads so far, I realised how important it is to have your own high quality report to giveaway to help build a newsletter subscriber list..

I decided that I could offer a few lucky people the same thing and it’s taken me the last 3 days to get 5 of these sites set up, complete with custom header graphics, branded pdf report, squeeze page and thankyou/download page.

I’ve added hosting and 180 pre-written auto responder messages that you can plug in to your new list instantly, along with tutorial videos on exactly how to set up your new lists and add the optin form to the webpages..

There’s only 5 domains/sites up for grabs, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to grab one for your self…

If you read my recent post on BlogTactics here –  Submitting Videos For Traffic
then you know how I use the videos I make for you to get loads of free backlinks from video authority sites ..

AND drive hundreds of free visitors to my blog every day!

but I forgot to mention that they also earn me money from people viewing them on some of those video sites…

I’ve got hold of a short, “no fluff” (12 page) report that covers how to do this and lists some of the top sites to use for not just videos, but all sorts of content.

I’ve put a copy of the report on on the “Free” page here:

Free Internet Marketing Resources

or you can just click on this link to download the zip file:

How would you like to get 17,142 new subscribers on your list in under 11 weeks..?

A couple of weeks ago Jonathon Leger took his SEO Myths Exposed Report off the market, so you can’t get hold of it anymore..

but I’ve managed to find you a recording of a private coaching call he did answering questions about how to get top search engine results in Google!

You can listen online or grab the MP3 for free here: –

SEO Myths Private Call

So what’s that got to do with building an optin list of over 17 thousand people in 10 and a half weeks?

This where I got Jon’s Private Coaching call, and it’s not the only set of interviews and brandable pdf ebooks that you can get access to that will let you build your list the same way, using the power of Viral Marketing!