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Archive for February, 2008

I’m getting more trafic and I’m P’ed off!


I discovered a site a couple of weeks ago with a whole bunch of traffic tools that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, literally..

No, I’m not kidding!

I hadn’t told you about them yet because I wanted to test them out myself to see if they are actually as good as “gut instinct” told me.

I’ve only used two of them so far, and only for a couple of weeks, but the results have already started to justify my gut feeling, big time, and they’re a piece of cake to use..

So why am I P’ed off?

Well I paid full price for both of them and now the guy behind them has decided to offer them as part of a cheap membership site, which includes a whole bunch of his other tools, and more will added every month..

I’m posting a series of 4 video tutorials on how to add AdSense adverts to different areas of your blog, like the sidebar, header and in posts, as well as how to wrap text around the ads in posts on my Blogging Guide Blog.

The first is already posted on and the rest will be posted over the next 3 days.

You can also grab the first free Plugin from BlogTactics, which makes it real simple to add the rel=”nofollow” tag to your blogroll links, as well as an explanation of why you may want to..

Nofollow Blog Link WordPress Plugin

Sorry it’s such a long post, but there’s some real valuable stuff I needed to let you know about, and I guess I’m just in a bit of a “chatty” mood having had such a good day, hope yours was too, and tomorrow will be even better!

today I’ve got some more freebies for you, but first a quick reminder of the awesome find I made yesterday, just in case you have’t grabbed your copy yet: –

Over 4 hours of audio to listen to covering all the important aspects of getting traffic to your sites for just $4…

that’s my definitaion of a “no-brainer”!

check it out here:

Traffic Audios


Next up we have an easy freebie from an irritating Irishman!

Why’s he irritating?

Simple, he makes it look easy to earn a fortune on the net, the good news is he’s sharing some VERY COOL tactics and tricks that he uses to regularly have 6 figure pay outs from other peoples products..

Foxy’s his name, and affiliate marketing is HIS game, he’s one of the top affiliates in the world.

thanks for all the comments about my impending divorce, I appreciate all the advice and support!

I should have mentioned that it’s not my first divorce, first time around I was quite young and married the girl from next door when she got preggers just a few months after we hooked up, it helped that she was pretty darned hot, but after 7 years we just had nothing in common so it kinda came to a natural conclusion. I don’t regret it as we ended up with two awesome kids, who are the best thing in my life.

my second wife is actually from Russia, and although we’ve had a lot of good times together, there are some pretty important things that we just can’t “see eye to eye” on, so there’s no point in ending up hating each other, and we’ve not had kids, so it’s a pretty “amicable” divorce and I hope that we’ll end up being able to be friends at the end of it all..

We are all going to be getting quite a few emails today from internet marketing guru’s telling us to “go grab Mafioso Marketing now”!

Most, if not all, of them will be big on “hype” and short on details of what the report actually offers, as usual.

So I sat down with a cup of tea (no wine, it’s still daylight) and read the whole 69 pages to give you a summary of what you’ll get when you do “go grab your copy now!”

I’ve mentioned previously that most successful internet marketers (myself included) don’t just make money from the “internet marketing” market, they have products and services in a whole bunch ofother markets.

I’ve got Niche Sites in “niches” such as World of Warcraft, Bonsai Trees, Koi Carp, Tattoos, Skin Care and Hairstyles.

Patric Chan has just released his new Niche Marketing 2.0 and I missed the small point that there are only 200 places on offer!

With the “Guru’s” he’s got on board to promote this it wouldn’t surprise me if all 200 spots are gone by the end of the day..

If you’re interested in getting a turnkey system to build Web 2.0 automated niche sites then you should head over to right now..

In fact if you’re quick there are some pretty cool “fast action” bonuses too, like getting your own bespoke graphics for your Niche 2.0 site..

If you’re wondering what a Niche Marketing 2.0 site is, well it’skind of like a super blog on steroids, with a whole bunch of automated features, like auto list building, built in for you.

Apologies for being a little “quiet” for the last few days, I’m in the middle of selling my house and getting divorced, so I’ve been flat hunting to find somewhere new to live..

I’ve got some more freebies for you today, no “sign up” or anything required for these!

The first is a 26 page pdf report from Patric Chan that covers Niche marketing.

If you didn’t already realise, most (if not all) of the succesful internet marketers (including myself) don’t just make money from selling “Internet Marketing” products, they make money from a whole bunch of other “normal” niche’s.

I’ve got Niche sites in markets ranging from Tattoos and World of Warcraft, to computer security and Hairstyles.. 🙂

The first half of this report is Patric’s own story and it may well ring a bell with you, so don’t skip it..

JamesBrown, Stuart Sterling and my mate Dan McGonagle have put together a massive giveaway event with a VERY cool one time offer!

There’s some fantastic free stuff up for grabs, so don’t bother reading any more of this, just go grab your frebies now:

Internet Marketing Giveaway

oh, and pay special attention to the offer they make when you sign up for the freebies, it includes something that they had to twist my arm VERY hard to get me to agree too…

Internet Marketing Giveaway

Ben Shaffer has just released a great new tool for checking your clickbank commissions automatically.

This simple to install script can be set up in less than 5 minutes and will check your clickbank accounts hourly and email you if you’ve made any new commissions, saving you the time and hassle of logging on to do it.

Clickbank Automated Checker

I’ve got over a dozen different clickbank accounts and it can easily take a couple of minutes to login to each one and check for new sales, so I reckon this script is going to save me at least 30 minutes each day.

That may not sound like a lot, but it adds up to 12 hours a month!

Now that is a lot of time freed up!!!

You’ll probably be getting emails from a few marketers today about Larry Dotson’s Secrets Sale.

The sales letter says that you’ll get 1,000 PLR (Private Label Rights) Strategies.

Secrets Sale

I must admit I thought it was a good deal as I assumed that meant 1,000 articles, which for $37 would be good value, it’s over 2 and a half years worth of blog content, but..

I’ve had a look at what you actually get and it turns out they’re not actually articles, each one is just a couple of sentances, so they’re far from “in depth” strategies, they’re more like tips, and fairly basic ones at that.