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Archive for January, 2008

We all know how important it is to build a list of subscribers for our online business right?

but how can we get more people to optin?

here’s an excellent way to increase your optin rate…

You don’t need to go visit to get copies of these tools to play with, you can download them from my free affiliate marketing resources site, and you can start using the to increase your list optin rate today..

free affiliate marketing resources

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the header picture, it’s me paragliding in to Butterfly Bay in Olu Deniz, Turkey, for my birthday a couple of years ago, and yes that is my foot.. πŸ™‚

if you want to get access to brand new tools like these every month, along with a Private Label internet marketing ebook each month then go visit the Brandable Viral PLR Software site

Over the next few days I’m going to post a series of videos on my Blogging blog for you to show you some simple free traffic tactics.

I’ve just uploaded the first videos for you, showing how to add the StumbleUpon toolbar, how to Stumble your own sites to get extra traffic, and how to add the Stumbleupon button to your blogs, you can check out the videos on here:

don’t forget to check out the list of upcoming videos that I’m doing for you in yesterdays post.

while I’m on the subject of getting traffic to websites: –

I run a LOT of sites, several hundred in fact, and not just in the “internet marketing/work from home/blogging” niches. I’ve got site in niches varying from Human Pheromones, Russian Brides (I married one), Juice Machines and song lyrics, to Jigsaw Puzzles and Airsoft Guns.

N.B. This is quite a long message, but there’s nothing to buy in here, so put your credit card away!

I hope you’ve taken the time to have a quick look at the last two videos on using the TagK Facebook app to get backlinks to your sites from facebook, the next two videos, about favicons, are now posted…

If you’re not sure what a Favicon is, go take a look at and you’ll see that in your browser bar there’s a customized graphic next to the site name instead of the default internet explorer or firefox graphic.

why should you be interested in having a favicon, well they’re not just for fun, they help to “brand” your site and make it stand out more in the mind of your visitor, meaning that they are more likely to bookmark your site and come back to visit again.

I’ve been working on some new videos for my internet marketing videos site and the first two are finished.

The first one shows how to add a Ping list to your WP blog..

WP has a neat feature where it will automatically “ping” (i.e. inform) a list of RSS directories whenever you make a new post, which can get your some links and bring in extra traffic.

I’ve added a list of the sites I “ping” to to my Free Internet Marketing ResourcesΒ site, the video shows where to grab the zip file and how to put them in to your blog.

The second video is about getting links to your sites from your Facebook Profile page!

I’ve been using the Auto Smart Site Adsense script on half a dozen sites since October last year and I’ve just posted some results about how the sites are doing, you can read about it on my “Testing” blog here:

Automated Whitehat AdSense Sites that Work

feel free to leave a comment too.

and while we’re on AdSense site builders….

one of the top adsense building systems is open again right now for new members, they only open their doors a couple of times each year, so you’ll need to hurry if you want to check this one out:

AdSense Wealth Empire

I try to stay clear of YouTube as it’s simply to tempting to waste several hours on there watching funny vids, but occasionally one of my friends posts on to my Facebook “funwall” and this one made me laugh so much my stomach hurt!

If you ever get p’d off with cold callers then go take a look at this, I guarantee you’ll have a laugh at this!!

How to deal with cold callers


Last night I started reading a new ebook that I managed to get a pre-release copy of a new report being released on Thursday.

Normally if a book is good I’ll print it off so I can relax with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and read it at my leisure,

but this one actually sucked me in so totally that I was on page 47 before I even realised my cup of coffee had gone cold…

you can see why here:

sneaky affiliate cheats

I ended up making a few notes on the bits/pages/nuggets of gold that I think you should pay special attention to:

page 7 – very useful tool, I’ve used this many times myself

yup, that’s a pretty unusual headline isn’t it…

Well, Derek Gehl is launching a major service tomorrow, that includes not only how he lost $25,000, but how he also turned his business around to make real money, and how you can follow his exact blueprint.

but it’s only going to be available to people on his list!

I’ve just subscribed myself as I want in on this one, I REALLY recommend that you get on his list now so you can check it out tomorrow.

Derek’s done a quick video explaining more here, go have a look now, before he takes the video back down:

Derek Gehl Marketing Tips

His new “all-in-one” business creator that’s designed to help complete beginners launch a money-making business in ONLY SIX WEEKS will go live tomorrow at 10am (EST), but you need to be on hist private notification list to get in on it.

If you’re not interested in blogs or blogging and want to have a look at a totally different model for making money online that works, then go take a look at this:

The Great Escape 2008

it includes easy to follow blueprints for niche marketing, SEO, PPC, List Building and (the most POWERFUL) using CPA networks…

I’ve read through all of the manuals and they’re not only easy to follow, there’s some REAL USEFUL stuff in here!

The Great Escape 2008

If you have a blog then I’ve found a great video showing some of the more important stuff you need to do to optimize your blog for maximum search engine results and traffic.

and don’t worry, it’s all stuff that’s easy to do, nothing requiring knowledge of html, php or any of the other “dark mysteries”!

You can watch the video here:

SEO Code Video

I’ve gota couple of potiners on the video as well:

1. don’t worry about the “more” bit in posts, grab the post teaser plugin instead, it does it for you:

2. pay attention to the bit on Syndication feeds and using the summary option, it’s important!

3. Don’t worry too much about the comment moderation, as long as you’ve got akismet installed you don’t need to worry about this, and akismet comes with WordPress as a default plugin, so you should already have it installed.