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Archive for December, 2007

Well, that’s another year gone!

I know a lot of people like to take this opportunity to look back at the year gone by, but I prefer to look ahead to the new year coming.

I hope I’ll be able to help you make it the best yet!

Happy 2008, may it be even better than 2007!

Here’s the link for the cheap Mailing List/email marketing ebook I promised, it’s just $3 for the next few days:

I’ll also be putting the price up on the SEO books shortly too.

and I’ve added a Social Marketing Directory 2008, which will be free for the next few days only, so grab your copy now as another thankyou from me..

This brand new resource guide contains:

just claiming myΒ blog on technorati so i can do a video showing how to do so on

as well as explaining why it’s worth doing so..

Technorati Profile

My blog is now “claimed” on technorati and I’ve added their widget thing in the sidebar, complete with it’s own tag cloud, now I just need to wait and see if it brings in any extra new visitors…


If you’ve come to this blog as a result of finding it in technorati, please post a comment in the “shoutbox” in the sidebar to say so, thanks!

I hope you had a fun AND relaxing holiday break!

I know I did, I even managed to not switch any of my computers on for three whole days!!!

the downside to that is I’m now catching up on my email, so if you’ve sent me a Q and not heard anything back yet, please bear with me…

Thanks for all the feedback that you sent on which cheap ebooks you’d like to see next, the results weren’t what I expected, but that’s why I asked.

The results were:

1st – List Building
2nd – CopyWriting
3rd – Public Domain
4th – Web 2.0 Traffic
5th – SEO
6th – Using Audio & Video
7th – More Article Marketing
8th – buying and selling web businesses

As the cheap ebook on article marketing I offered last week was so popular I’m going to do another one for you this weekend, but as I’ve got a few to choose from, I thought I’d see which you would like first.

So here’s a shortlist of subjects that I picked:

Public Domain
List Building
Web 2 Traffic
using audio and video
buying and selling web businesses
More Article Marketing

note: you may have noticed that I’ve not included any books on Blogging on the list, that’s because I’m going to put together a package of a bunch of blogging books for you in the next week or two anyway.

just shoot me an email to ask mattgand just put a number next to each one to say which order you’d like to see them in, I’ll get a new one done for you each week!

a fair part of my income online comes from Private Label Rights (PLR) products and a couple of months back I started working on a product to show you exactly how to use PLr ebooks and turn them in to your own products to make money.

well yesterday I discovered I’ve been beaten too it!!!

another fellow Brit, called John Thornhill, has just released a course on how to get a PLR product up and running and making you money in just seven days, and it’s pretty damned good!

guess I’ll have to shelve my product, especially as John’s done such a cracking job on this guide…

PLR Profit Guide

John’s course includes daily worksheets and checklists, templates for squeeze pages, OTO pages and downoad pages, along with tutorial videos on how to use them.

you know by now how obsessed I am about finding new sources of easy and good quality backlinks to my sites right?

it’s one of my favorite “passtimes” online as I know whenever I find a cool new linking tool I can use it to increase the backlinks to my sites and get more targeted visitors to your sites.

and more targeted visitors = more sales = more cash for beer.. πŸ™‚

and I really do seem to be having one of those awesome weeks this week, a few days ago a guy called Dave Kelly who I met just over two years ago got in touch to see if I’d like to check out his newΒ  backlinks system.

Of course I said yes!

here’s the important bits:

1. it’s dead easy to use

sometimes things just fall in to place as if they were meant to be, today seems to have been one of those days…

There’s two parts to this email:

a. Where to get LOTS of CHEAP traffic
b. How to build that in to a Highly Profitable & Viral List


a. Getting the traffic CHEAP…

I mentioned yesterday that someone had asked me to check out a couple of new reports, I didn’t get past the first one, I got too damned excited!

this report is about a “new” way to get an absolute mountain of qualified leads straight to your website, offer or squeeze page, and dont worry if you don’t have a website, offer or squeeze page yet, I’ll cover that in a moment, but first I’ve got a couple of things I need to say about this new report:

One of my business partners, Rich Daniels (who also happens to be a good mate), has just opened a new membership site and I’ve been having a bit of a nose around inside over the last few days to check it out.

I was expecting it to be good, as Rich always likes to “over deliver”, but I was a bit surprised at just how much he’s already put in there and how much more he is planning on adding over the coming months.

We’ve seen a bunch of membership sites released recently by some “big names” in internet marketing, and, apart from Ewen Chia’s, they’ve tended to turn out to be a bit disappointing.

Rich’s site ALREADY has MORE VALUE in it than most of these others have added in the last couple of months!

I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to get through today, including a lot of freebies stuff, and I’m going to try and get through it quickly as I’m about to head out for a few pre-Xmas beers with a couple of friends, so here goes…

1. First of all thank you for all the positive feedback on my recommendation NOT to buy QuickFire Profits yesterday, I appreciate all your support, and I do believe it’s part of my job to warn you about products or services that I don’t feel live up to their “sales blurb”.

I was a bit surprised on this one, as Rob Benwell has done some very useful stuff in the past, but this one just didn’t “cut the mustard” for me. The good news is Rob has lived up to the “no quibbles” refund policy and the refund confirmation came through promptly.

My “crap filter” kicked in big time earlier today!

I paid for access to a membership site, that was released yesterday, as the sales page gave me the distinct impression that it would include some real valuable information.

I was wrong.

See, even I get it wrong now and then!

I was only in the members area for a few minutes before I started to get a sinking feeling as to the “value” of this “product”/service.

the sales page is VERY well written and I honestly believed I would discover something new and useful, or at least a tactic/method/way of making money online, or a new angle, or a new step by step plan, or something…