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Archive for November, 2007

if you’ve not heard of Ewen Chia, then you’ve probably not been involved with “affiliate marketing” for very long, the guy is a legend!

He’s one of the world’s top “Super Affiliates”, if he decides he likes your product and promotes it, well, it can be a very rewarding experience…

I know this for a fact as he’s one of my JV partners. 🙂

his newletter is received by hundreds of thousands of people, and he gets over 75,000 new people joining his newsletter every month!!!

he’s giving away a free report right now, the “7 Hidden Principles of Super Affiliate Marketing”.

I really, really recommend picking up a copy before he takes the offer down on Friday night…

Ewen Chia’s Free Super Affiliate report


Web Traffic For Free

how would you like to see how to get over 65,000 unique visitors to your web site a month using free traffic generation techniques?

and if you could get that kind of info for just $7..?

yeah, I thought you might like that, I did too!

go grab a copy now:

Traffic Sales Profits

I’m still reading my copy of this book, it’s not exactly lightweight at 110 pages, which is a lot more than other $7 books I’ve read, and there’s a LOT of real useful info in here, including:

  • Using articles to get traffic, which is one of my favorite techniques as it works so well, including how to write aritcles quickly, how to make sure you get the reader to click through to your site, and where to submit them for the maximum exposure

two quickies for you today…

1st – a surprise bonus!

If you picked up a copy of the AdSense Alternatives report (AdSense Alternatives) then keep an eye on your inbox, as I’ll be sending out a quick bonus list of an extra 21 alternative places you can get different types of ads for your sites for you shortly.

2nd – I’ve just had a note from JP Schoeffel to let me know he’s just about to close the doors to his “98% done for you, Niche business in a box” private members club…

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence for this one, you’re about to run out of time and miss out on one of the easiest ways to have a complete website business up and running in supershort time…

check it out here before it’s gone:

scared of losing your AdSense account?

I’ve had 4 AdSense accounts closed by Google this year, 2 of them I know why, the other 2 I have no idea why and  Google won’t tell me.

so having some alternative sources of income to AdSense isn’t just sensible, it’s essential for the health of your earnings!

I just found a whole bunch of them…

AdSense Alternative

apparently giving away a free copy of Camtasia is not enough for TechSmith, they’re now offering a free copy of their screencapture program, SnagIT…

I’ve no idea what it’s like as I’ve never used it, but if it’s as good as Camtasia then it’s got to be worth grabbing the free copy while it’s on offer…

so here’s the download link:

and here’s the form for getting your licence key to unlock the full version:

I should probably also mention that Chris McNeeney (the guy behind affiliate project X and Day Job Killer) is about to raise the price on his latest offering, so if you’ve been undecided, you’re running out of time, go grab a copy before the end of today…

Google Assassin

For those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today:

Happy Thanksgiving!

it’s not a holiday for us here in the UK, so it’s just been a regular old Thursday for me, busy working away…

the good news is that today I’ve been working on putting a bunch of free stuff on one of my sites [] as a gift for you!

yuo can check them all out here:

there’s a bunch of free reports and my favorite link cloaking application, Affiliate Defender.

grab what you fancy and enjoy!

you’re probably aware by now how much I like using videos to promote my sites and teach people how to do stuff, for example you can check out my recent video on how to use WPManagerDX2 on my site:

I use Camtasia from Techsmith to do my videos and the version I’ve been using is way old!

I’ve not bothered upgrading it as it costs money, the full version is $299, and the version I’ve got does what I need, but…

Techsmith are offering version 3 for free right now, so I’ve just grabbed myself a copy and I recommend you do the same.

Even if you’re not using videos right now (you should be!) it’s worth grabbing it while it’s free so you have it when you need it.

Simply download the software here:

Paid PPC or Fre SEO, Which is right for you?

It’s another one of those stupidly busy days…

the real question is, are you in to PPC (pay per click) automated affiliate campaigns?

yes = Google Assassin

or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) free traffic?

yes = Free SEO Traffic

what’s my preference?

well, the google assassin thing looks wicked, but I’m an old fashioned SEO geek at heart and I always prefer free traffic to paid, so if I was only getting one, I’d go with the SEO one…

Free SEO Traffic

of course I’ll probably end up getting both, just so I can try out Chris McNeeney’s latest masterpiece..  :roll: 

I’d love to hear what you think though, so please chip in with your comments and opinions on the pros and cons of the two systems…


Digg this

Duncan Carver, the guy behind the wicked Comment Sniper tool, is offering a free report on how to tap in to the 60 million yahoo answers visitors, and it’s free if you just Digg the article for him…

so get a account set up (if you haven’t already) and then check it out here:

Yahoo Answers Report

we’ve all heard of web 2.0 and how important it is right?

well I’ve just finished reading a book that helped me understand how I can use web 2.0 social network sites to drive more visitors to all my sites, and more traffic means more sales, which is always cool..

This new ebook covers the whole range of Web 2.0 traffic tactics, from Vlogs (video blogs) to podcasting on blogs, including how to publish your podcast on itunes (and other podcast directories) for extra traffic…

it also reveals which are the best social network sites to sign up to and use for getting more high quality visitors to your sites, including some I’d not come across before myself.

I even found out what Presence Streams are, how they work and how I can use them to my advantage to get more visitors to my sites.