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Archive for October, 2007

When I was at the BritPack Seminar last week I met a guy called Randolf Smith who I ended up spending a lot of time chatting with over the weekend, we just seemed to connect as we have a similar outlook on life.

When Randy told me about about his ebook on goal setting, having a positive mental attitude and the Law of Atraction I knew I had a had to get a copy for myself as he has written it with an unusal angle, using a very simple metaphor, to make it easy to understand and use.

I just finished reading the book today and I think you will find it very useful!

With trying to make money online it’s very easy to get stuck on the “educating yourself” phase and not move on to taking action and actually using what you’ve learnt to start earning money, this book will help you take that next step and make use of the knowledge you have…

I have a few blogs that I check out now and then to keep up to date with stuff I’m interested in.

I’ve noticed that with the more popular, well read blogs, if you’re one of the first people to reply to a new post you can get some fairly good traffic from it, the problem has always been knowing when a new post has been made.

Well not anymore!

My mate Duncan Carver has come up with a neat little bit of software that will let you know when your favorite blogs have new posts added, so you can shoot straight over and post a comment and get a bunch of new traffic.

and best of all the software is fr.e.e!

grab your copy now:

Blog Comment Sniper

OK, I’ve got another tip for you today, and it’s to do with using your autoresponder again, whether it’s AWeber or another one…

When someone subscribes to your newsletter the optin confirmation page is an ideal place to let your new subscriber know about a product of yours or a related affiliate product.

This is often called an “OTO” or 1 time offer as they will only see it once, the important bit is that you’ve got the chance to promote a product that is related to the subject of the list/newsletter that they have just signed up for.

I was lucky enough last weekend to have the chance to throw back a few pints of the old black stuff (Guinness) with a guy called Soren Jordansen, who turns out to be a pretty sharp marketer and he shared something with me that I’d missed…

I’ve got a couple of things to cover today, starting with an apology for not sending out the first of the “nuggets” I promised yesterday, it’s taken me longer to catch up on my backlog of email than I expected…

OK, first up there’s something new out today from one of my favorite membership sites, in fact if you got my bonus report for Neil Shearing’s Passive Cashflow Secrets you’ll recognize it as one of my top 10 sites.

so what’ve they released that’s got my attention?

I’ve been using a site building tool for a few years now that has never really had any competition for building content and affiliate sites, called XSitePro (XSP), and I’ve recommended it solidly since it was launched.

well, XSP now has some VERY SERIOUS competition!

It’s called SiteRubix and you can check it out here:

There are some internet marketers who are the top of the pile, you’ve heard the names, people like John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Ewen Chia etc.

One of these “top dogs” is a guy called Russell Brunson, he’s only been out of college a couple of years and he started building his 7 figure business while he was still in college.

He’s another one of the people, like Neil Shearing, Andrew Hansen and Michael Green, who I pay close attention to, his stuff is very, VERY Good.

It turns out he had the opportunity to learn from a guy who’s a level above even those “top dogs”…

This guy is 28 year old and has pulled in over $100 milli0n dollars (yes ONE HUNDRED M1LL1ON) in under 23 months selling a product that cost just $60!!!

Andrew’s Plug and Play Niche Marketing Pack, where he’s done practically all the work for you, is selling well, there are now only 295 copies left…

Remember this is based on using the same system that I used to set up one site back in July 2004 that has earnt me $42,588 wince then, with the best single month being over $2,700, not bad for a simple one page site that took just a couple of hours to set up and I’ve only had to update a couple of times since then.

Here’s what someone else who has tried it out says:

“Over $650 Profit in My First 3 Weeks!”

It’s really nice to actually see
sales instead of all those zero’s
everyday!  –  Denise J.

Need some wicked graphics for your sites?

then go check out Sean Tan’s awesome new package that’s he’s offering dirt cheap and egt your sites spruced up with some professional graphics now…

for just $10 you get a massive collection of headers, footers, ebook covers, report covers, cd covers, and all sorts of buttons that you can use to make you site look top dollar!

Professional Site Graphics

I’ll keep this real short as I’ve just got back from 3 days at the UK BritPack internet marketing seminar, which was a real blast, but a little bit tiring, possibly caused by substituting Guinness for too many meals…

I wanted to get this out to you so you could take a look at this one, I think you’ll like it, A LOT…

Wealth System

Once I get through my “small” backlog of email tomorrow I’ll post an update out to you with a few of the “nuggets” I learnt over the last few days.

 If you grabbed a copy of Neils Shearings Passive Cashflow Secrets through my link and haven’t received your copy of the 18 page bonus report I’ve done then please email me, or open a support ticket at under “Bonuses” if you think you’re email isn’t getting through tome for some reason…

and if you haven’t checked Neil’s new product out yet, it will be going up in price soon, so don’t hang around…

Passive cashflow secrets bonus report 

Andrew Hansen, of Niche Marketing On Crack, is back with a new product called Plug and Play Niche Marketing.

It’s basically NMOC with just about all the work done for you!!!

Most “internet marketing” products tend to tell you what you need to do to make money online, some of the better ones show you what you need to do in step by step detail, Andrew’s PNPNM not only does that, but he’s also has gone and done most of the work for you already..

Niche Research done, Articles written, full instructions (written and video) on how to get a site up and profitable, and a hole bunch of outsourcing people ready for more work from you when you need it…

This isn’t “the latest new” trick, tactic or technique for making money online, it’s a solid tried, tested and proven method that has worked again and again both for Andrew and for myself.