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Archive for October, 2007

Yup, looks like there’s been a Pagerank update on google over the weekend, the only problem is that I’m having a few days R & R in Poland with some friends, so I’ve not had chance to sit down and check out the results.

I’ll be back in the office soon and will let you know what I think as soon as I’ve had a chance to look at the results, from what I’ve seen so far they do look to be quite varied, and I’ve had a few emails from LGM members saying they’re pretty happy with the results on their sites…

Articles are one of the most useful tools available for making money online, you can even make money from articles without even having a website by simply reviewing and recommending affiliate programs, but that’s not all they’re useful for…

I met JP Schoeffel at the Brit Pack event and was happy to catch up with him for a few beers as I loved his “how to turn sites in to money” book.

We ended up having quite a few drinks and chatting for several hours, more about skiing than internet marketing, which is probably why he forgot to mention another one of his products that I reckon this is something you are going to love!

It was only when I got home and was sorting out the pile of business cards I’d gathered over the weekend that I spotted it on the back of his card!

I’ve been in touch with him for a chat about it and it turns out he didn’t mention it as it’s been closed to new members for the last few months, having sold out, but…

The 56 free ebooks, memberships, plr article packs, plr graphics, rebrandable reports etc. will be closed on Saturday, so go grab what you want before it’s all gone…

I grabbed almost 2 dozen reports, brandable ebook, plr articles & graphics packs for myself, so I’m positive that you’ll find quite a few things you want.

Greedy Giveaway

I’ve also been getting in to FaceBook recently, I figured I should check it out as it’s now like the 7th most popular site in the world, according to…

and I spotted that Dealdotcom have a facebook app which is pretty cool, you can grab a copy for your facebook profile here:


there are some pretty wicked deals to be picked up on dealdotcom, I’ve grabbed 3 or more myself already.

I’ve got a couple of things to mention today.

First a reminder that the $30 discount I managed to squeeze out ofLatif for his Free SEO Traffic course will close at midnight tonight, so if you want free traffic to your sites and haven’t checked it out yet, you’d better hurry:

Free Web Traffic

Second, I’d be surprised if you haven’t already had an email (or 10) about Jermaine Grigg’s Nitty Gritty Marketing, as eveyone and their dog is promoting it.

He’s the guy who’s made $3 mill from a “play by ear” piano product.

I haven’t had the chance to take a look at it yet, so I can’t honestly say how good it is.

I have bought in myself though, simply because it sounds like there’s some VERY useful info included, I’m just not sure about the $197 per month price, but as the first month is just $2.97 it’s a pretty simple decision.

{!name} – LazyGitMarketing: Massive Giveaway…

How would you like to get your hands on 56 free ebooks, memberships, plr article packs, plr graphics, rebrandable reports etc. etc…?

Jason James has put together a huge Giveaway site covering a massive range of subjects from affiliate marketing, SEO and landing pages to Ebay, PLR articles and graphics/site headers.

check it out here:

Greedy Giveaway

Here’s a few of the one’s that caught my eye:

How I made over 2000 dollars in just 10 days using a ridiculously stupid technique I stole from my own affiliate

Internet marketing mastermind session with Mike Filsaime

How To Build A Niche Site Empire (Soren Knows his stuff)

121 PLR Header Graphics (always useful)

$300 Daily with Craigslist (I’m a Craigslist virgin, so this could be interesting)

Jeremy Burns has just released his fifth Private Label “Source Code Goldmine” offer and it’s another winner!

He is offering only 500 copies and 402 have already gone (one of which was me), so if you want to see what’s on offer you need to act now:

 Sourcecode Goldmine 5

I grabbed my own copy of this within minutes of seeing the offer as there’s several products on offer that I can use for my own business as well as rebrand and sell on.


Get Free Traffic

I had plans to spend most of this weekend sitting in front of the TV, being Lazy, and catching up on a bunch of Hero’s episodes that I’ve been saving up to watch in one go, but my plan went out of the window…


well I picked up a new report on Friday night and have spent half the weekend reading it and making notes, I couldn’t put the damn thing down!

The report is called Google Snatch and dispells the commonly held beliefs about how difficult Search Engine Optimization is.

Latif, the guy who wrote it, is a fellow brit who has top spots in Google for some VERY competetive keywords and the report shows you how he does it so you can replicate his methods and get free traffic

Andrew Hansen’s Plug and Play Niche Marketing is almost sold out and I’m not surprised as it includes just about everything you need to start making money online, the only thing missing is a some hosting and a domain with a blog set up on it, so…

That’s where my PR2 domain, hosting and blog setup offer come in, giving you the full works!

If you go for both just shoot me an email (ask matt garrett) with your PNP NM receipt and I’ll also throw in a unique article on a topic of your choice (written by my personal article writer) which I will then use my article submission service/system for to get you a bunch more backlinks and traffic for your new site!

here’s the link for Andrew’s PNP NM:

Plug and Play Niche Marketing

A few people have recently asked me whether I can get a blog set up for them, so I’ve put together a special offer for just that.

The offer includes a PR2 domain (you can choose from a list of name currently available), with hosting and a blog installed for you, complete with my favorite plugins and a few themes.

This is not a service that I’m outsourcing, it’s something I will be doing personally, so I can’t do many and it really is a first come first served basis…

Your Own Blog on a PR2 Domain with hosting

Ellery, from Article Explosion, the ready made AdSense service, has just been in touch to say he’s opened up AE again for the first time in several months, so if you missed out on this the first time, you can grab a place if you’re quick…

I just checked and the page says there are 46 places available right now, but going on past performance they won’t be there long!

and if you grab a spot before midnight Thursday you will be able to get September’s sites as well as Octobers, as he hasn’t taken them down yet.

Ready Made AdSense Sites

You can check out what existing members think of Article Explosion, like “AE absolutely ROCKS!!”, on my blog post here: –