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Archive for September, 2007

Michael Green is a well known UK marketer who runs one of the biggest internet marketing forums online, has a bunch of his own succesful info products and manages to do all that even though he only works on his internet business part time.

He’s just about to released a new toolkit that will show you day by day exactly what to do to make $20,000 in just 20 days!

The toolkit includes everything you need (other than a domain name and some hosting) to be able to set up your first “$20k in 20 days” business and then start another one, while the first continues bringing in money for you day after day…

it’s in pre-release at the moment, so you can grab a hefty discount if you’re quick…

You can check it out here:

Just a quick up date on Neil Shearing’s Passive Cashflow Secrets, it’s proving to be very popular, I’m not really surprized, Neil always delivers good stuff…

For those of you that have grabbed yourself a copy, I’ll be finishing off the bonus report I offered shortly to get it out to you, apologies for the delay!

the report will list my top 10 favorite (i.e. best earners) recurring payment affiliate programs, as per Neil’s video #7, as well as how I pulled in over $1,180 in recurring revenue in just one day.

The work itself took me about an hour and it’s pulled in over $1,630 more since then, so that hour of work has given me a recurring income of over $2,800 a month, not a bad return…

Neil Shearing is one of those old school internet marketers who’s been making money online since way back in 1998, and he doesn’t release stuff very often simply because he only publishes top class info and products.

In fact, his Internet Marketing Blueprint was one of the very first internet marketing course I ever bought, it was good, I just didn’t “take action” and use the info in it back then, doh!

So when he releases something new I always pay attention!

As a long standing customer and friend he let me get early access to his new product “Passive Cashflow Secrets” and I’m glad to say, it’s another GREAT product..

Click here to check it out:
Passive Cashflow Secrets

This Video course reveals the simple secrets that keep so many people from really being able to make a solid living online, sepcifically how to do the work once and get paid again and again.

I forgot to mention something about the $4k per month mentoring program I told you about yesterday, Mike Filsaime has joined Eric Louviere to partner with him in the program.

Mike thinks this coaching program is so good he’s closing his own (much higher priced) coaching program so he can work with Eric on this…

the price is still an absolute bargain at the introductory offer, although it’s going to go up by $100 soon, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, why the heck not???

Click here before the price goes up:

Learn from Mike Filsaime

Online advertising is one of those areas that very few people really know how to do well, so when I found out about this new program that not only teaches you how to advertise your own products and affiliate programs, as well as build your own list through solo ads and different types of fr.e.e advertising, I jumped at it.

I was even happier when I realised just how much help they give you to manage (and even automate)  the whole process…

check it out here:
Automated Online Advertising

Mike Filsaime has been running his own high priced coaching club for a long while now, but he’s closing it down so that he can work with Eric Louviere on his $4k per month coaching program because he believes it’s that good…

This coaching program is going to go up in price by $100 a month any moment (from the bargain price of just $67) , so go take a look at how you could be on you rway to $4,000 a month learning from two internet masters…

$4k per month program

I did say Andrew Fox’s CB Formula training forum would fill up quickly, and now with less than 24 hours gone there are just 195 places left, after those sell out the price goes up to $297, which is a lot as it’s only $77 right now…

You really don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn from an affiliate master and steal all his secrets to relicate his success, do you..?

No => Andrew Fox’s Clickbank Formula

I’ve got a bunch of PR3, 2 and 1 domains up for grab as a bonus, including some exclusive 4 letter dot Com domain names, complete with a working WP blog set up on it if you want it, so that’s it’s a REAL VALUE to you that you can start using straight away!

first come, first served…

26 years old and he owns two ferarris and a million $ house, kinda makes you wonder how he does it right?

Well, if you’re quick, like VERY QUICK, you might just be able to join me and find out exactly how Andrew Fox manages to generate affiliate payments of $70,697 in just days promoting other peoples products!

You really do need to be quick though, there are only 1,000 places available and as I’m writing this 393 have already gone and the site opened less than 57 minutes ago…

Clickbank Formula

If you need an extra “little” something, well I’ve got 20 x 4 letter dot Com domain names available that I’ll give to the first 20 people to sign up using my link and send me a copy of their receipt, first come, first served…

Did you check out DealDotCom yet?

It’s that site I mentioned in my last email, the one that can lock in life time recurring commissions for you for everyone you refer…

yeah, that is cool!

Get in now and start telling everyone you know about it, it’s gonna be BIG…


Armand Morin’s asked me to mention his BigSeminar to you.

It’s on October 5th, 6th and 7th in Atlanta, Georgia.

the line up of speakers includes some very sharp and knowledgeable marketers,

Ryan Deiss, Declan Dunn, Matt Bacak, Michael Fortin, and of course Armand Himself.

But don’t just think about it as an opportunity to learn, it’s also a great chance to

network and find new business partners and JV partners. I know from personal

epxerience that the contacts you can meet at these sort of events are worth their

weight in gold to your business, so take this chance to move your business forward…

Armand Morin’s BigSeminar

Oh, he’ll also give you 12 teleseminar recordings just for signing up for more.

I’d be going myself, but I’m already booked up for the BritPack Seminar in the UK