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Archive for August, 2007

Is Web 2.0 Cr4p!?!

The fr.e.e Web 2.0 Teleseminar that’s starting shortly is the result of an argument between Jeff Wark, Lori Steffen and Alan Bechtold about how useful web 2.0 stuff really is.

Apparently Alan said Web 2.0 is “Cr4p”!

The seminar is to settle the argument, with all three of them trying to prove their side of the arguement, so they’ll be covering all the Web 2.0 stuff that doesn’t work and just wastes your time, as well as the stuff that really does work.

Sounds to me like it’s going to be worth listening in on, especially as it’s fr.e.e…

You can get in on the seminar here:

Free Web 2.0 Seminar

oh, and you can see just how “silly” their arguments have been by checking out the videos on this blog…

Another week and with it comes a whole new batch of “must have” launches of different ebooks and products as usual, but I want to tell you about something different today, a site that can make a REAL DIFFERENCE to your LONG TERM SUCCESS online…

This site has been around for a while now, over a year I believe, and it’s kind of a “one stop shop” for everything to do with affiliate marketing.

Let me give you just a taste of what they give you: –

Free Hosting

One on One Support

Keyword and Maret Research center and tools for PPC, SEO & more

Tutorial Videos on a wide range of internet marketing subjects

Pre-Built “Turnkey” feeder websites

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Marketing “How To” guides

“Jobs board” for sharing tasks between members

I hope you had as good a weekend as I did!

It was a national holiday here yesterday, so it was a long weekend off and for once the weather was kind to us and it was a real hot summers day! We’ve not had many this year…

The downside of working online is that the email doesn’t stop coming in while you’re off enjoying yourself, so it’s taken me several hours to tidy up my inbox today.

anyway, I hope you grabbed your fr.e.e copy of my Guide to setting up your first blog, if not you can get it here: –

Free Blog Installation Guide

A couple of people had a problem opening the file, so if this happens just send me an email (ask matt garrett) and I’ll send you another copy.


OK, the BlogTastic: Getting Started With Your First Blog Guide is finished!

Well the first version anyway, it’s still a little rough around the edges, so feel free to let me know if there’s anything extra you need added, you can fill in a support request for it here:

To grab your free copy of the report just click on the link below and fill in the subscription box:

Free Blog Setup Guide 

The Blogging guide I mentioned earlier this week turned out to be exactly what a lot of people werre looking for, so if you haven’t checked it out yet here’s the link:

Atomic Blogging Guide

and as it was so popular I spent yesterday working on a mini report (38 pages so far) of my own on how to do some basic blogging stuff, like installing a blog, choosing a domain name, adding images to posts, adding a subscription box to your blog and a whole bunch of basic tips to help you get your blog up and running.

I’ll be releasing it later this week and will post details of how you can get a copy for free here on Sunday, so see you then…

Ever have a week where you don’t seem to make any headway or get anything done?

yeah, me too, this week.

I keep a daily to do list in a notebook on my desk, to help me keep track of what I need/want to get done each day, and to help me focus on the things that need to be done first.

I also find it great for looking back and seeing how much I have accomplished in a week, which can be a great motivator at times, but not this week, my “to do” list is now longer than it was at the start of the week!


Guess I’d better get on with it.

I’ve got a couple of things today, the first is about site and product graphics, the second is about a big launch going on today and what I think of the product…

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did, I ended up spending most of the weekend watching movies, not just the Bourne Ultimatum, which was cool.

Then I ended up setting up a new blog on Monday just so I would have somewhere to post stuff about what I thought of the movies, and partly because I realised it would give me a great excuse to go to the movies more often..

My Movie Reviews Blog

Ever wanted to know exactly, STEP BY STEP, how to set up a blog and use all those new fangled “Web 2.0” social sites to drive hordes of traffic to it?

Well here you go…

Step by step blogging guide

Steps 1 to 5 is basic stuff showing in very clear detail everything you need to do to get your blog up and running.

Real short one today, as it’s Friday and I’m off out to see the new Bourne Movie with some mates in a few hours, we might even sneak in a few beers first…

Ellery, from Article Explosion, the ready made AdSense service, just emailed me to say that there are just 3 spots left open in AE, and whoever’s quick enough to grab one will be able to get last months (July) sites as well as the August sites, but only if you’re real quick and ACT NOW!

Ellery will be taking the July sites down first thing tomorrow, so if you find it a pain building your own AdSense sites, or just to difficult to find good niches, ot just want to put your business on the NEXT LEVEL by automating the process, then you need to get in on this opportunity now, before AE is closed again…

Affiliate Rockstars…  Real or just more “IM” Hype..?

I was originally looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this, as I know Eric delivers real value, based on what he’s done in the past, but then I discovered the DayJobKiller and Affiliate Project X Team were also involved, and we all know they are the masters of the “Hyped” up promo launch…

I also personally found it difficult to make much profit with the DJK tactics without spending a LOT of time, see my IMTesting blog posts on the subject:

DayJobKiller Tested

So I started reading the “ARS” report with a heavy dose of scepticism…

I must admit the early stuff seemed pretty standard, but basically useful, affiliate marketing advice, like make sure you have a backend to hike up your profits (which was also covered recently by Jason James’s UMS), and make sure you use a squeeze page to grab emails once you’ve tested a market/keyword for profitability with direct linking.

This is a product I came across last week that really caught my attention.

It’s very different to the normal “how to make money with info products” stuff that I come across.

Alexis, the guy behind it, doesn’t do all the normal “internet marketing” stuff that we’re led to believe you have to do to make money online.

No newsletters, no constant blog posting, forum posting, article submissions or PPC campaigns, not even joint ventures.

Take a look for yourself, I think you’ll find it a refreshing, and profitable, change from the usual “IM” stuff…

Finding Desperate Buyers