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Archive for July, 2007


Free Submission Tools

Summary: Free Tools for Submitting your sites to Web Directories & Articles to Article directories

Brad Callen, who created SEOElite and KeywordElite, two excellent tools, has recently released a couple of new software tools that will really help to get more backlinks to your sites, and they’re both fr.e.e!!!

One is a Directory Submitter to speed up the process of submitting your sites to web directories, and the other is an article submitter to do the same for your articles and article directories.

Both are essential tools for getting higher Pagerank and improved search engine rankings for your sites.

Both have advanced version that you have to pay for, but the basic version do alot and are fr.e.e, so you can get a lot of value out of the basic version for no cost…

Summary: 420 pages on how to build Huge White Hat Content sites that google Loves!

first of all I hope you’ve already downloaded Fred Myson’s Fr.e.e report on generating shed loads of unique content for your sites that is keyword rich and LSI friendly, if not, go grab it now: –

If you’ve ever had problems getting your head around what makes content unique, this report will really help you understand what needs to be done to make google hungry for your sites content.

The report does offer some real valuable info and towards the end Fred mentions his new mega report about how to build huge google friendly sites that can bring in a serious adsense income.

As the last post was so long (sorry!) I’ll keep this one as short as possible…

I’ve gotta keep it quick anyway, as the neighbours keep popping around as they found out I’d got a stash of bottled drinking water in the garage and there’s none to be had in the shops since the floods took out the local water pumping station and we all ran out of tap water.

I should probably be setting up a stall outside selling it, but between my neighbours and me, we’re getting thorugh it a bit too quick.

Summary: Super Quick PPC : only of interest for adwords users, not a “newbie” tool

Even Dave Moore, who never recommends anything outside of his own SuperApprentice ( program, is HOT on this one, and he just happens to have tested it out, which is cool, as I’ve not had chance to do a full test yet…

Well, Instant PLR Cash didn’t sell out in the first 24 hours, but it’s going to be close on 48 hours as there are now just a couple of dozen places left out of the 1,000 available.

If you’ve ever thought about doing anything with Private Label Rights, or if you have some PLR content that you’re not using, this is the QUICKEST way to turn it in to EASY CASH!

I’ve had a chance to look over the videos and they make it REAL SIMPLE to get up and running with the plr products that they provide, which is a step up on most PLR sites.

the software included is pretty useful to, especially the RSS stuff.

don’t miss out on this one if you’re into to PLR, and if you’re not, well, you probably SHOULD BE, it’s one of the SIMPLEST ways to make money online that I know of…

A friend asked me this week what affiliate marketing is. When I explained that it’s like being a “crap filter” he seemed a little confused, so I figured the best way to illustrate it was to send him a photo of the stuff that I’ve read in just the last six weeks or so.

Here’s the photos:

affiliate marketing research

There are 38 reports in that pile, I counted them:

affiliate marketing reports

but that’s not all of the products and reports that I’ve read and tested out over the last couple of months, there’s more that I either didn’t print out or was software.

At an conservative avarage value of $47 just those reports total over $1,786, with the extra software and reports I didn’t print, I estimate I spend well over $1,500 a month on new products and reports that are released.

I’ve got hold of a new free report showing how to get as much unique content as you need, as well as the best ways to use it for targeting long tail and LSI themed keywords in google.

It also covers how to leverage this unique content to get shed loads of backlinks to your sites, which is always a good thing!

The report is 44 pages of useful content that’s well worth reading, although there is the inevitable upsell for a bigger report, which is in fact a 420 page monster report that I’ve read, but I’ll let you make up your own mind on that one once you’ve read the fr.e.e report and seen the quality of the info in there…


Instant PLR Cash.

I’ve mentioned before how much I like Private Label Rights Products for making money on the net, it’s great becasue you can forget about the content creation side of things and just get on with making the money.

the only problem is that most people end up with PLR products sat on the hard disk gathering “electonic” dust as they don’t know exactly how to make use of it all.

Well Liz Tomey, aka the “Queen” of PLR, has changed that today.

Her new offering includes videos to show ytou exactly how to get up and running with all that PLR,

as well as including a bunch of very good PLR articles and products,

as well as some neat software tools for promoting it all,

To do well in the search engines (and get High Pagerank) it’s all about getting more backlinks right?

You may have gathered I’m always looking for good ways of getting more backlinks to my sites and I loath doing reciprocal links, in fact I haven’t done any reciprocal linking in over two years now, I just gave up on the shear headaches and effort it involved.

so how about getting another 250 one way link to your site in one fell swoop..?

This new links system uses 3 different link texts that you supply and are “drip fed” over time so that it looks totally natural to the search engines, and the pages that the links appear on are all unique so it doesn’t trigger any “link farm” filter penalties in Google.

I’ve been ignoring a big launch that’s been going on this week simply because of the sheer amount of hype involved. From previous experience I’ve found that a lot of products that are as “hyped” up as this one don’t actually deliver what the sales letter promises.

Well, I have to admit that I succumbed today, thanks to an email from a fellow internet marketer who’s opinion I respect, and possibly the beer I had at lunch time. 🙂

I realised it was a good decision before I’d even opened up the book, as the huge pile of extra “Un-announced” bonuses on the download page was pretty damned impressive!

It’s gonna take me days to read through it all, but I’m going to as having had just a quick peek at the bonus stuff, there’s some REALLY useful info in there.

Using videos to make money by promoting other peoples products is very powerful, in fact a video demostrating someone elses prodcut or service can often out perform a “traditional” sales page as it will give the visitor a real insight as to whether the product or service is of real value to them.

The problem is that you need to be able to creat your own videos…

Well not anymore!

Affiliate Video Brander allows you to take someone elses video and brand it with your own affiliate link.

I’ve just finished a short video (just over 3 mins) showing just how easy this is to do, you can check it out here: –

Affiliate Video Brander was released a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve held off mentionin git until I had time to grab a copy for myself and check it out, which means the $10 discount offer for the first buyers has expired, but…