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Archive for June, 2007

If you’ve not already checked out Dave Moore’s Super Apprentice program, you really owe it to yourself to do so, before all the places are gone, there’s only a few left right now…

I got an email from Dave earlier today giving some results from another SA member which I thought I’d pass along as the results are more than a little impressive…

This guy created and uploaded his site first about 3 weeks ago.

The monetization was released (scheduled monetization is a SA feature) sometime early on Monday.

His Monday impressions in Adsense were 120 and he made $3.91. 🙂

Tuesday he made $6.15. It’s now Wednesday.

Dave has looked over his site and discovered something that when he changes it should pull in an extra 3-4 dollars a day.

Lazy Git Marketing reveals simply the Laziest way I know of making money online, but there is another underused technique that I use to make a lot of money with simple one page sites that are an absolute doddle to set up.

In fact one site that I set up back in July 2004 has earnt me $42,588 since then, with the best single month being over $2,700, not bad for a simple one page site that took just a couple of hours to set up and I’ve only had to update a couple of times since then.

I have been thinking about revealing my secret, but someone’s gone and beaten me to it..


Just a quick note to say I’ve had the list of high quality fr.e.e web directories that you can submit your site to for extra backlinks and PageRank updated  to make sure it only includes live directories, no junk!

Top SEO experts have been snapping up LazyGitMarketing just to get their hands on this list, along with my secret source for getting directory submissions done for you dirt cheap, like just $16 for 100 PR5+ sites!!!

and because the way of making money from sites revealed in the Lazy Git Marketing Manual is just so simple, and it’s not revealed anywhere else, here’s what just a couple of top internet marketing experts have said: –

“so mind-numbingly simple, I wonder why I didn’t think of it myself!”

Joel Comm

“I’ve never seen any else write about what he’s doing.”

I never realised just how easy, and cheap, it can be to make money just using articles.

I have a lot of articles just sitting on my hard disk gathering “electronic dust”, or at least I did, until I read a new report…

I had my eyes opened by a short, no filler report by Ryan Deiss.

Ryan shows how to use articles to get top 5 spots in Google and drive visitors to your own sites or affiliate programs to make real easy cash.

check it out here: –

I’ve dusted off a whole bunch of my old unused articles and started using them as per Ryans instructions.

Just four of my articles have been viewed over 7,743 times and brought an old site of mine that was dead and making no money back to life.


Project Black Mask

I’ve been in two minds as to whether I would promote Chris McNeeney’s new product as I’ve had problems making money with the techniques given in his last one, Day Job Killer, but I’ve had chance to have a read through some of it now and I have to admit there’s some pretty damned useful linking stuff in there, and from personal experience I know that the AdSense stuff he shows does work…

You may realise by now that I’ve done more than my fair share of “Black Hat” SEO stuff, including building tens of thousands of cloaked AdSense sites, so I know first hand how profitable it can be if you get it right, but you also need to know that it can all go seriously “pear shaped” if you get it wrong.

I consider myself to be fairly good at getting my sites a decent PageRank score in a short period of time, but I know a guy who is better at it.

A LOT better.

His name’s Duncan Carver and he has spent the last couple of years working hard (and smart) to build up a very powerful “authority” site of his own.

To give you an idea of just how powerful his techniques and his authority site is, he recently took a brand new site from PR0 to PR7 in under 10 weeks!!!

Yeah, I know, I wish I could to…

Well, he’s finally decided to let a few people in on his number one resource, and if you’re quick you might be able to join me in being one of them…


There are very few membership sites that I’ve found that are really worth staying a member of for very long, but there is one that I think you should take a serious look at.

It’s run by a guy called Adam Short and it’s called PGi.

It started off life as an AdSense Portal building resource, tools and tutorial membership site, but it’s grown in to a LOT more.

It was so popular when Adam first launched it that all 500 places were taken in just 2 weeks without any big names promoting it.

Adam is one smart cookie and has stayed on top of the AdSense game, but not got totally fixated by it, so he has now moved the focus of PGi to building real high quality “White Hat” sites that will last for years to come and help build a serious online income, which makes it a perfect compliment to LGM.

What do I think?

Simple, it’s expensive!

It is good, but then you’d expect it to be for almost 4 figures…

What is it?

Well the main part is an all singing all dancing Content Management system called CMSInfusion, which will do just about everything you could possibly want to do with a web site. There are some other very nice “bits” included in the deal and there are some impressive “fast action” bonuses, if they haven’t already gone.

But my advice is don’t get caught up in the hype that you “need” this!

You should only buy it if you can see an immediate or short term use for it in your business, otherwise it’s likely to end up being another “Great” buy that you never actually use.