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Archive for May, 2007


Backlink Heaven

Fact – Backlinks are the most important part of organic search engine optimization.

All things being equal, the site with the most backlinks is going to rank the highest in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) for any given keyword or phrase.

So getting backlinks to your sites is pretty damn important.

It’s also a bit of a pain as it can be very time consuming.

There are a whole bunch of techniques used for getting these backlinks, including posting articles on article directories, submitting sites to web directories, running reciprocal link campaigns [euch!] , osting comments on blogs [no longer┬áso good with the “nofollow” tag], getting Web 2.0 backlinks from social “tag” sites, etc. etc. etc.

There’s another one that doesn’t get talked about too much, partly because it’s not well understood by most┬ápeople (myself included until recently) and partly because, like all the other techniques, it’s long winded to do manually.